posted 4 years ago

RoSPA: Politicians Should Make Election Promise To Improve Young Driver Safety

Safety Charity Calls For Green Paper Commitment

Major political parties should make General Election manifesto commitments to publish a Green Paper that focusses on reducing the number of youngsters killed and injured on the road, RoSPA argues. 

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents says that, in 2013, there were 131 fatalities and 1,159 serious injuries in the 17 to 24 year age group. A Green Paper would enable the government to reveal proposals to reduce these figures, and encourage debate.

The RoSPA argues that: “The production of a robust consultation document would be a significant development in the drive to cut the number of crashes involving young drivers”.   

Initiatives To Improve Road Safety

The charity – which has been at the heart of accident prevention for nearly a century – wants politicians to consider a range of potentially life saving proposals. These include introducing a graduated licence to prevent youngsters driving powerful vehicles.

Furthermore, the compulsory use of telematics systems could have a positive impact. These compact computerised devices can be installed in vehicles to monitor how safely they are driven.

RoSPA Discusses Young Driver Safety

RoSPA Chief Executive, Tom Mullarkey, said: “Far too many young lives are being lost on our roads each year, so it is imperative that we take a more radical approach in order to reduce the number of casualties.” 

Mr Mullarkey concluded: “As part of our dedication to saving lives and reducing injuries, we are calling on all political parties to include a commitment in their election manifestos to publish a Green Paper on young drivers. We believe a comprehensive package of complementary measures is needed to improve the safety of some of our most vulnerable road users.”

RoSPA Head of Road Safety, Kevin Clinton, added: “Young drivers are more likely to be involved in road accidents than experienced drivers – and yet they drive fewer miles. Sadly, they account for about 20% of all road deaths.” He added: “But if we all work more closely together, there is scope to reduce – significantly - the number of casualties caused by new and inexperienced drivers.”  

Influential Support

The charity's goal is backed by a range of influential people and organisations. These include: The Institute of Advanced Motorists, The Association of British Insurers, Members of Parliament, The Transport Research Laboratory, GEM Motoring Assist, and The Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety.