posted 7 years ago

Running-Out Of Fuel On The Motorway

Up to fifty cars per-day are running-out of fuel on the motorway.

Up to fifty cars per-day are running-out of fuel on the motorway, the Sun has reported. In fact, according to The Highways Agency, 17,802 cars ground to a halt in 2010. That is a rise of 4,334 from 2007. This may be because some motorists - keen to avoid high motorway service station fuel prices – are effectively playing Russian Roulette with their gauges. And who could blame them? Filling-up on the motorway can be considerably more expensive that at urban forecourts – and motorists are hindered further as average prices have risen alarmingly over the last few years. In October 2007, the price for a litre of unleaded was 97.7p. It is now 134.37p. Diesel prices have risen from 99.8p to 139.24p.

Motorists cannot reduce the price of fuel - short of opening their own refineries - but they can minimise consumption. Driving smoothly is the key, so maintain a consistent speed and keep the engine revolutions low. Using higher gears as far as possible helps. Also, remove bulky appendages such as roof boxes as these cripple aerodynamic efficiency. So can driving with the windows open. Fuel Consumption might be improved further by ensuring the tyre pressures are correct, switching-off the air-con, and servicing the car. An alternative is to treat yourself to a VW Polo BlueMotion. That thing averages over 80mpg.