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Saab celebrate 25years of the Saab Convertible

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Saabs iconic Convertible

2011 marks the 25th anniversary of the Saabs iconic Convertible. Three generations of the Saab Convertible have hit the road in the last quarter of a century and almost 300,000 have been sold around the world.

In 1986 four hundred Saab 900 Convertibles came off the line for the US market. .By the time the 900 Convertible went on sale in Europe that year, demand exceeded production capacity. Seven years later and a second generation came to the market. Autumn 1993 saw the all-new Saab 900 Convertible arrive under the banner: “we didn’t invent the Convertible, but we made a Saab of it.” In 2003 the third and current generation of the Saab Convertible was launched which features the fastest soft-top in operation in its segment, automatic climate control adjustment for a ‘top down’ heating mode and superior interior styling. Saab celebrated the first anniversary of its rebirth as an independent company in February 2011 by launching an exclusive Independence Edition of its 9-3 Convertible. The 1.9-litre TTiD Independence Edition Convertible is based on the top-of the-range Aero specification with a 180hp engine, six-speed automatic transmission and unique Amber Orange metallic paint finish, a limited edition serial number etched into the rear side windows, distinctive interior trim and comprehensive equipment. Only 366 models have been produced one for each day during the first year and one extra for the start of a second year. Only 80 of these vehicles have been produced for the UK and are on sale at dealerships now.

Charles Toosey, Managing Director at Saab GB said “now is a fantastic time to be a part of Saab as we celebrate 25 years of success for the Convertible and for the brand. With improving sales and exciting new products in the pipeline, Saab is looking to the future with confidence.”