posted 6 years ago

Save £5,000 on New Nissan LEAF

Fancy saving £5,000 on a new Nissan LEAF?

Fancy saving £5,000 on a new Nissan LEAF? If so, rejoice – the Government's electric vehicle incentive grant reduces the price of this five-door hatchback from £30,990, to £25,990. That should give you a buzz. This electrifying incentive is available to everyone and is expected to remain so until 2014. It is the Government's method of enticing motorists away from traditional oil burners to less pulling machinery. The grant is issued at the point of sale - so there is no need to pay the full asking price then “reclaim” the £5,000.

Now, electricity lovers take note. The Nissan LEAF has a range of up to 109 miles, but this varies according to the conditions. Roaring uphill uses more juice than rolling down, of course. Charging takes twelve hours via a standard plug, but this can be reduced to eight by installing Nissan's 16A charging system. Alternatively, an 80% charge can be completed in thirty minutes via a rapid charging point - the locations of which are stored in the on-board navigation system. Furthermore, unlike some electric vehicles, the LEAF feels like a 'proper' car. As such it is spacious, has a decent boot, composed handling, and plenty of equipment. I like this electron guzzler, so what a pity my house is 110 miles from the office.