posted 6 years ago

Save Cash by Saving Fuel

The cost of fuel is higher than an astronaut on a record breaking space walk.

The cost of fuel is higher than an astronaut on a record breaking space walk. According to, the average price per-litre of unleaded is now 127.74 pence, and a litre of diesel costs 132.01 pence. These eye-watering figures can make a spaceship-sized dent on a motorist's finances, so what can be done to minimise the expenditure?

The most significant factor affecting a motorist's fuel bill is their choice of vehicle. So, if you cover a significant mileage in an elderly gas-guzzler, it may be cost effective long term to upgrade to a more efficient model. The Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion, for example, averages a staggering 80.7mpg. Even the spacious Ford Mondeo 2.0-litre TDCI manages 53.2mpg, and the prestigious BMW 520d averages 57.6mpg.

Once behind the wheel the best way to reduce fuel consumption is to drive gently. Now, I'm not suggesting you amble around like a terrified learner, but certain techniques could save you a worthwhile amount of fuel. These include minimising engine revolutions by changing gear early, avoiding hard acceleration, and slowing the vehicle down by easing off the throttle rather than braking. Smooth and consistent driving is the objective.

Further fuel saving tips include keeping the vehicle properly serviced, and maximising aerodynamic efficiency by closing the windows and sunroof. It is also worth removing 'drag inducing' extras such as roof boxes and bicycle carriers when not in use. Hardier souls may also benefit from switching-off the fuel sapping air conditioning.

Whereas these techniques are unlikely to save enough money for an early retirement, they are worth considering. After all, most vehicles cover 10,000 miles per-year, and even a modest reduction in fuel consumption equates to a significant saving over time.