posted 6 years ago

Save Fuel With a New BMW

Oil prices are higher than a panicking gazelle's blood pressure.

Oil prices are higher than a panicking gazelle's blood pressure. That makes saving fuel a national pastime. One option is to drive like a terrified learner, but upgrading to a super- efficient new BMW is far more entertaining. The BMW 320d EfficientDynamics, for starters, averages a staggering 68.9mpg. This rises to 78.5mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Never fear though, despite its fuel saving tendencies this efficient saloon hits 62mph in a speedy 8 seconds. The downside is that this 2.0-litre 163bhp environmental wizard costs £27,900.

The BMW 120d SE Auto 5dr is keen to wave the environmental flag too. This 2.0-litre 184bhp rocket reaches 62mph in an entertaining 7.3 seconds – and still manages to average 64.2mpg. This increases to 72.4mpg on the extra-urban cycle. Sounds good to me. Carbon emissions are 116g/km, so motorists can cruise with a clear conscience and only stop for fuel occasionally. The price for this convenience is a noticeably hefty £26,210.

There are various other high achievers within BMW's remarkable range. The X1 sDrive 20d EfficientDynamics, for example, averages 62.8mpg - and has enough poke to reach 62mph in 8.3 seconds. Expect to pay £25,715. Even the mighty 7 Series can be fuel efficient for its size, so the 730d SE Luxury trim manages 41.5mpg. Remarkable for a £57,420 saloon that rockets to 62mph in 7.2 seconds. Who says efficient cars are boring?