posted 8 years ago

Save up to £2000 on the Seat Leon Ecomotive

The Seat Leon Ecomotive is a good looking spacious family hatchback

There is a massive saving of £2000 on the Seat Leon Ecomotive. The Seat Leon Ecomotive is a good looking spacious family hatchback. It boasts a 105 PS 1.6 litre TDI CR engine with a DPF particulate filter. It has impressive Co2 performance at only 99g/km so there is no tax to pay.

The Seat Leon Ecomotive runs on Volkswagen Golf underpinnings and is pretty much like a Volkswagen Golf to drive. The car is a good deal bigger than you expect for this class of car it is spacious inside with plenty of knee room and room for six footers! The Seat Leon Ecomotive uses the Auto Start/Stop technology, when the car comes to a halt a a red traffic light for example the driver selects neutral and lifts his foot off the clutch. At this point the Start/Stop system kicks in and automatically switches off the engine. When the driver depresses the clutch again the engine starts up and when the gear is engaged the car can be driven off. The Seat Leon Ecomotive is also equipped with Seats energy recuperation function which recycles energy coming from the alternator when the driver takes his foot off the accelerator or steps on the brake. As the engine work is reduced the fuel consumption decreases.

Seat believe that there is a further saving of £2352 on running costs over three years when you consider the Seat Leon Ecomotive's start/stop technology, energy recovery system, fuel economy at 74.3mpg and no road tax.