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SEAT Ibiza, Leon & Ateca £1,000 Saving In January 2017

SEAT range class, engine, trim and equipment overview as the manufacturer cuts prices for a limited period

New SEAT £1,000 savings

The SEAT Beautifully Created Winter Drive slashes the cost of vehicles by £1,000 on top of existing offers, until January 23rd 2017. To benefit from this incentive, visit the manufacturer's website and request a voucher that will arrive via e-mail. Then pick the vehicle which best suits your lifestyle, image and budget. 

SEAT Ibiza overview

The SEAT Ibiza 5-Door is a compact, supermini class, hatchback and among the prospects. Its purpose is to be a cost effective, practical and easy to live with workhorse which is easy to manoeuvre in busy urban environments. It measures 4,061mm long, 1,693mm wide by 1,445mm tall. The cargo capacity totals 292-litres.

Petrol engines include the: 1.0-litre 75PS, 1.2-litre 90PS, 1.0-litre 95PS, 1.0-litre 110PS, 1.2-litre 110PS and the 1.4-litre 150PS. Diesel power, in contrast, comes via 1.4litre, 75PS, and 1.4-litre, 105PS, units. 0 to 62mph times range from 7.6 to 14.3 seconds, fuel consumption from 45.6 to 72.4mpg and emissions from 98 to 145g/km.

Ibiza 5-Door trims are: SOL, SE Technology, FR Technology and FR Red Edition Technology. Standard equipment includes: Bluetooth, air-conditioning, daytime running lights, electric mirrors and electric windows. Prices range from £12,960 to £18,135 on the road.

The SEAT Ibiza is available in SC and high-performance CUPRA form, too. Both have sporty, 3-door, styling. The SC costs £12,510 to £16,085, and the CUPRA costs from £18,465 to £19,265 (on the road).

New SEAT Leon ST overview

The New Leon ST is a larger, small family, class estate. Its purpose is to be fairly compact externally – so it is easy to manoeuvre in town – yet have the spacious cabin and large boot necessary to excel in its class. This workhorse measures 4,549mm long, 1,816mm wide and 1,454mm tall. The boot volume is 587-litres.

Leon ST petrol engines include the: 1.0-litre 115PS, 1.2-litre 110PS, 1.4-litre 125PS and the 1.4-litre 150PS. Diesels options include the: 1.6-litre 115PS, 2.0-litre 150PS and the 2.0-litre 184PS. 0 to 62mph times vary from 7.8 to 10.1 seconds, fuel consumption from 54.3 to 68.9mpg and emissions from 102 to 125g/km.

Leon ST trims are: S, SE Dynamic Technology, SE Technology, FR Technology and XCELLENCE Technology. Standard equipments includes: air-conditioning, electronic stability control and a touchscreen interface. A New SEAT Leon ST costs £19,325 to £27,005 on the road. 

The New Leon is also available in X-PERIENCE (estate) form that has 4-wheel-drive for extra traction. All for £24,920 to £30,010 on the road. Further, the range includes the 5-Door Hatchback for £17,700 to £31,790 plus the SC 3-Door. The latter costs £17,400 to £31,485.

New Seat Ateca overview

The New Ateca is a sports-utility style vehicle. Its purpose is to blend low running costs and car-like handling – traits not always associated with sports-utility vehicles – with rugged, off road, styling. It measures 4,363mm long, 1,841mm wide by 1,601mm tall and the cargo capacity is 510-litres. Some versions have 4-wheel-drive. 

New Ateca petrol engines include the 1.0-litre, 115PS, and a 1.4-litre 150PS. In contrast, diesel population comes courtesy of the: 1.6-litre 115PS, 2.0-litre 150PS and the 2.0-litre 190PS power plants. 0 to 62mph times range from 6 to 10.9 seconds, fuel consumption from 51.4 to 65.7mpg and emissions from 113 to 135g/km.

Trims include the: S, SE, SE Technology and XCELLENCE. Standard equipment includes the: electric parking brake, air-conditioning, touchscreen interface, hill-hold control, type pressure monitor, tiredness recognition system, driver's knee airbag and active front head restraints that minimise the risk of whiplash if there is a collision. The New Ateca costs from £17,990 to £30,525 on the road.