posted 6 years ago

Secure Car Storage in Central London

‘Car Vault’

If you are located in London then you will know how difficult it is to park or store a vehicle. There is an answer for those looking for storage; a fantastic purpose built underground car park namely the ‘Car Vault’. Located in Hoxton between the City of London and Islington this storage area for cars is the answer for those looking for short and long term storage. 

The company ‘Car Vault’ draws upon years of experience running a large fleet of classic and sport cars in and around London and in addition to offering storage ‘Car Vault’ help with vehicle servicing, repairs and MOT’s, parts sourcing, restoration work, valeting, plus deliveries and collections. 

Standard car storage is priced at £208 per calendar month, Car Vault recommend that all vehicles are clean prior to going into storage and recommend the use of an indoor car cover. For long term storage then ‘Carcoon’ car storage is recommended, this is priced at £250 per month and includes the supply of a carcoon for the duration of the car storage plus the supply of a drip tray and attaching a battery conditioner, the cost also includes cleaning the car on arrival.

Car Vault take care of vehicles of all ages and types from classic cars to modern cars and supercars, they also store promotional vehicles, motorcycles and hard tops for convertible cars. Standard motorbike storage is priced at £52 per calendar month and standard Hardtop storage is priced at £45 per calendar month. There are no minimum storage periods and no restrictions on access.