posted 5 years ago

Seven New Motoring Laws YOU Would Support

Users reveal legislation that should be introduced

We asked users of about new legislation that would improve life for drivers. This is the motoring law manifesto you delivered.


A complete ban on the use of mobile phones in all cars, with a three-month driving ban for anyone caught using a mobile phone at the wheel.

Driving Lessons

More rigorous driving lessons with a specified minimum number of hours of tuition and compulsory participation in Pass Plus after the initial test has been passed.

Newly Qualified Drivers

Speed limiters to be fitted to the cars of newly qualified drivers, who will only be entitled to drive lower powered vehicles for a set period of time. A ban on new drivers driving between 11pm and 6am. Restrictions to be removed once a motorist has passed an advanced driving course.


A ban on smoking in all cars, not just those carrying children.


A ban on all pavement parking, unless otherwise stated in an official notice. A more lenient approach could be to allow pavement parking only if sufficient space is left for a pushchair or wheelchair to pass.


Cyclists to pay vehicle tax in return for the right to use the roads.


A ban on dipped headlights during the day. A ban on use of sidelights alone in low light situations, where headlamps should be used instead.

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