posted 4 years ago

Shock: 3% Of Motorists Driven On Drugs

Brake And Direct Line Reveal Alarming Survey Results

Shock: three percent of motorists have taken illegal drugs then driven within the last twelve months, Brake and Direct Line has revealed. That is equivalent to one million people. Furthermore, the road safety charity and insurer has revealed that eleven percent of survey respondents say they might have been a perpetrator’s passenger. Disturbingly, twenty-nine percent revealed they would not necessarily intervene to prevent a friend drug-driving. That could be life threatening as drugs significantly impede a motorist's ability. Effects vary from person to person and substance to substance, but there are consistencies. Cannabis, for example, tends to make the motorist react slowly and struggle to concentrate. Drowsiness and coordination problems are typical too. Heroine users experience similar issues. In contrast, stimulants such as ecstasy, speed and cocaine tend to distort perception and make the motorist jumpy. Over confidence, paranoia and confusion are common symptoms too. It is for these reasons – and countless others – that a new law will come into force in March 2015. This will make it illegal for a motorist to drive with certain substances in his/her system. Enforcement will come via roadside tests, etc. A perpetrator could be imprisoned for six months, receive a five thousand pound fine then be banned for a year.

Road Safety Expert Discusses Drug-Driving

Julie Townsend, Brake Deputy Chief Executive, said: "Drug-driving is a menace that causes absolute devastation to families and communities, and ends to many lives to soon. We all need to stand up and fight to end it.” Ms Townsend concluded: “Our message to everyone is never to underestimate the effects of illegal drugs on driving. If someone is on drugs, they are not fit to drive - even if they don't seem obviously impaired. Look out for your friends and if you think they might be driving on drugs, speak out. You will stop them putting innocent lives in danger and you may stop them going to jail."

Car Insurance Expert Discusses Drug-Driving

Rob Miles, Director of Car Insurance at Direct Line, added: “Drugs and driving are a deadly combination which can have devastating effects on people's lives, particularly in combination with alcohol. Driving under the influence of illegal drugs seriously compromises someone's ability to control a vehicle, affecting their judgement, their reactions and their ability to concentrate. Direct Line welcomes the drug-drive law coming into force next March and hopes it will act as a deterrent to anyone tempted to drive after having taken illegal drugs."