posted 7 years ago

Shockingly Expensive Long Distance Gas-Guzzlers Revealed

Ready, steady, go! Let's make a list of some of the UK's least economical vehicles over a long distance road trip.

Ready, steady, go! Let's make a list of some of the UK's least economical vehicles over a long distance road trip. In other words, which guzzle-gas like an aircraft carrier and empty their tanks quicker than a surfacing submarine? Perhaps my faithful family workhorse will appear on this 'eyebrow raising' list. That thing is determined to drink every litre of oil known to mankind.

Anyway, new model fuel consumption is calculated by placing a test vehicle, which has covered 1,800 miles, onto a rolling road. Scientists then calculate its urban fuel consumption (town), extra-urban consumption (longer run), and finally its average combined figure. This is achieved by completing a couple of simulated trips. These tests are applied equally to all new cars, so motorists can easily compare models and choose something that suits their pocket.

Urban fuel consumption is calculated over a short, 2.5 mile, run. During this process the test vehicle accelerates and decelerates several times, cruises at a steady speed, and idols to simulate a short delay. During this test the vehicle averages 12mph and reaches a maximum speed of 31mph. By contrast, the extra-urban test covers 4.3 miles at an average 39mph, and hits 75mph. This run includes 50% steady cruising and a further series of throttle variations.

On this basis, the cars that drink like a student over a long distance will be revealed by the extra-urban test. One such contender is the Ferrari 599 that only manages 22.6mpg, and averages a wallet-wrecking 15.8mpg overall. This drops further to an alarming 10.4mpg in town. Joining the 599 in this list of thirsty motors is the Aston Martin DB9. This V12 powered beauty may have the performance of a rocket, but the consequence is that it only manages 24.1mpg on a run. This falls to 11.5mpg in town, which equates to an average 17.2mpg.

Other vehicles with a taste for the black stuff include the super-stylish Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible, the Cadillac Escalade, and the striking Aston Martin Vantage. These machines, despite having numerous strengths, typically only manage 23 to 27.3mpg on an extra-urban run. This is clearly bad news for James Bond, so perhaps he should economise and swap his Aston for a VW Polo BlueMotion. That thing achieves over 90mpg.