posted 6 years ago

Should You Wash Your Car Naturally with Rain?

Can the rain wash your car?

Can the rain wash your car? The force of a good rainstorm can indeed wash your car and bring back some shine to the weathered paint but unfortunately it won’t remove the heavy road grime, some elbow grease and sprinkling of product is the only way to do that.

If you live in an area of high pollution you will be acquainted with Acid Rain. Acid rain is caused by emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides from power plants, cars and factories. Just as much as acid rain can damage the earth, it can also damage your vehicle's paint over time. Once this type of rainwater gets on your vehicle, the acid concentrates itself on the paint as it dries. It is then reactivated every time the vehicle becomes wet, causing only further damage. In areas of high pollution it would probably be better to keep your car dirty and out of the elements as much as possible unless there is a local eco-friendly car wash that can visited in order to maximise the life of your vehicles paint.

The English weather brings plenty of rainstorms so when expecting another downpour use a good biodegradable car wash product that is phosphate-free, give your vehicle a good rub down with the soap and a sponge, then let the rain do the rinsing-off for you. Have the bucket, solution, and sponge waiting by the door to make the most of a quick burst of Mother Nature's generosity.