posted 7 years ago

Skoda Octavia Hits 1.5 Million Milestone

The Skoda Octavia is like oxygen - it is everywhere.

The Skoda Octavia is like oxygen - it is everywhere. In fact, 1,500,000 examples of the second generation version have now been produced. This remarkable figure does not include the MingRui - a structurally identical vehicle sold in China. The 'anniversary' vehicle is an Octavia Combi GreenLine finished in bright white. It has a 1.6-litre 105PS diesel engine that averages a fantastic 74.3mpg. Carbon emissions are only 99g/km, and it hits 62mph in 11.4 seconds. These respectable performance figures complement the pleasing specification. This includes: cruise control, air-conditioning, and the 585-litre boot.

Michael Oeljeklaus, Board Member for Production and Logistics, said: “For the past fifteen years, the Octavia has been the heart of the Škoda brand. It is a true 'simply clever' vehicle: spacious, practical, family-friendly, and affordable.” He continued: “The model has left an important mark on the rapid rise of our company since the nineties. In particular, the second generation built since 2004 has meant another leap forward for us. The figure of 1.5 million manufactured Octavia IIs expresses this success in a special way. The Octavia will continue to play a vitally important role in our model range in the future and make a central contribution to our Growth Strategy 2018.”

Perhaps, one day, everybody will own a Skoda Octavia.