posted 3 years ago

Skoda Vision C at Geneva Motor Show

A Brand on the Move

The spectacular Skoda Vision C concept celebrated its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show. The five-door coupé, with its emotionally-charged design, is pioneering the next stage in the development of Skoda design, demonstrating the opportunities for innovative body concepts at the same time. “Skoda VisionC” impresses with its expressive and dynamical design language as well as with ultra-modern technical features, low emissions, light weight and optimised aerodynamics.

Skoda CEO Prof. Dr. h.c. Winfried Vahland said “Skoda is on the move, the ‘VisionD’, just three years ago, was the starting point and design milestone for our model offensive. With ‘Skoda  VisionC’ Skoda’s model and design development of recent years has entered a new stage. Greater priority is being placed on design, proving the emotional charisma and power of the Skoda brand. ‘Skoda VisionC’ shows off the company‘s outstanding design and engineering skills while highlighting the dynamism and importance of one of the longest-established vehicle brands. Over the coming years we intend to grow with the launch of ever more sophisticated cars and consolidate our position as an international high-volume manufacturer.”

The exterior of the coupe boasts  a self-assured and dynamic look. The wide radiator grille and distinctive shape of the headlamps with their tapering triangular form dominate the powerful front end. The headlamp contours are sharp-edged, like cut glass crystals. In combination with the fog lamps, also triangular, they give the car an expressive, three-dimensional four-eyed look. The grille retains its slightly curving form, it is however somewhat flatter and broader than in current Skoda models. The vertical fins are a distinguishing feature. In the design study, they are hand-made crystal elements with discreet indirect illumination. The shape of the tail is dynamic, exciting and unexpected. Maximum 3-D design creates a sculpture-like shape and the new tail light design is a brilliant distinctive touch.

There is plenty of a space for four people plus luggage as there is generous boot space. The tailgate swings open wide, making loading and unloading quick and easy. Moreover, the luggage space has a range of ‘Simply Clever’ solutions such as bag hooks or straps integrated into the boot floor for securing luggage. On the sidewalls there are lockable compartments for small items.

The SkodA Vision C has outstanding emission values due to the light bodyweight and excellent aerodynamics. The technology under the bonnet is an up-to-the-minute and state-of-the-art bivalent 1.4 TSI/81 kW CNG and petrol turbo engine which will accelerate the vehicle up to a maximum speed of 214 km/h.