posted 6 years ago

SKODA Yeti Most Reliable Car

News flash: The SKODA Yeti is the most reliable car in the United Kingdom, according to Which?

News flash: The ŠKODA Yeti is the most reliable car in the United Kingdom, according to Which? As such, petrol versions scored ninety-eight per-cent reliability in a survey of over forty-seven thousand motorists. As well as the overall title, this earned the Yeti the highest total of any class winner. The diesel trims also impressed by scoring a mighty ninety-three per-cent. The Yeti therefore thrashed dozens of more expensive and prestigious machines.

A Which? magazine representative revealed: “All the owners who gave feedback in our survey said they hadn’t suffered a single breakdown in the previous twelve months, and annual repair bills averaged just £6 a year.” Alasdair Stewart, Brand Director for SKODA UK, added: “Reliability is at the heart of the ownership experience because what drivers value most is a vehicle that starts every morning like clockwork. SKODA has worked hard to make sure its cars are the best they can be and recognition from Which? is very satisfying.”

The SKODA Yeti has strengths to complement its reliability. For starters, it has a 416- litre cargo capacity which can be increased to 1,760-litres by folding the rear bench flat. The latter is more than the Ford Mondeo Estate. Furthermore, this SUV has sure-footed handling, a respectable ride, and fair specification. As such the entry-level trim has air-con, electric windows, and a CD player and the top-spec adds an electronic stability programme, parking sensors, and leather seats. These complement a range of potent yet efficient engines. Highlights include the 2.0-litre 170bhp diesel trim that hits 62mph in only 8.4 seconds, and the 1.6-litre 105PS diesel that averages 61.4mpg. All from £14,995 - £23,790.