posted 7 years ago

Smart Motorists Find Cheap Petrol Stations

Fancy finding some cheap petrol stations?

Fancy finding some cheap petrol stations? Try This resource enables motorists to search their local area for the best value fuel. The results, which are frequently updated, are listed by price within a specified geographical area. This information can also be e-mailed to cost conscious drivers once per-week. The price for this service is precisely zero. By contrast, the average cost per-litre is higher than a busted space station.

Equally, motorists who shop at The Co-operative may save money by collecting fuel coupons. The offer is that those who spend £30 or more in store, before May 8, 2011, receive a 5 pence per-litre discount. However, this £30 spend must exclude items such as cigarettes, mobile phone top-up cards, and saving stamps. Not every Co-operative store is participating either, so best check online before getting too excited.

Morrisons shoppers can also save by collecting Morrisons Miles. Drivers store points on a card, then once they have earned 4,495 get a £5 shopping voucher to spend in-store. Is there no end to the generosity? This number of points equates to 333-litres of fuel, which – to put it in perspective - could fill a small family car about six times. Unlike the Co- operative's offer, this points package appears to be ongoing. Happy days?