posted 3 years ago

Speed Enforcement Trailer: Armoured, Multi-lane & Mobile

Speed Enforcement Trailer: armoured, self-propelled, multi-lane speed enforcement system tested in Germany. UK could be next.

Motorists that speed can now be caught by an armoured, self-propelled, automated unit which simultaneously scans multiple lanes. The Vitronic Enforcement Trailer - which is being tested in Europe – provides: “Automated traffic monitoring at places where this was previously impossible due to a lack of necessary infrastructure or risks to people”, its manufacturer says.

These include work zones and diversionary routes that might lack infrastructure such as power and data cables. The Enforcement Trailer also suits areas where it is to dangerous to position a mobile unit that requires an operator. A blind corner, for example.

Easily Transported

The Enforcement Trailer is about the width of a car and: “Suitable for transport by virtually any vehicle with a tow bar”, its manufacturer says. Once uncoupled, it can be positioned by remote control to minimise physical effort. This grey unit – that has a flat front and multi-contoured rear - incorporates LIDAR technology.

In addition to scanning multiple lanes of traffic, it distinguishes between classes of vehicle as some are subject to lower limits than cars. Heavy goods vehicle, for example.

It can also enforce different speed limits at different times of day, and a optional modem wirelessly sends captured data to the authorities.

Battery Life & Security

The Enforcement Trailer has: “An independent power supply based on high-performance batteries enabling uninterrupted operation for five days”, its manufacturer says. This eliminates the need to connect to mains power. Batteries can be replaced on-site if the authorities want to monitor roads for more than five days.

The system also has features to protect it from vandalism, theft, and unauthorised movement. It has a bullet resistant outer shell, for example; and an alarm. Furthermore, once in position the bodywork lowers to conceal the wheels so it cannot easily be pushed to one side, or towed away. The manufacturer says it is: “Vandalism proof”.

Tested In Germany

The Enforcement Trailer is being tested close to Hannover, in Germany. Hannover City Council spokesman Udo Moeller explained: “We have been testing the device. If it's a good result then we are planning to get more of them.”

Reports suggest that authorities throughout Europe – included the United Kingdom – might invest too.

Key Features

Vitronic says its key features include: 

  • autonomous, unmanned enforcement operation (five days);
  • suitable for transport by virtually any vehicle with a tow bar;
  • vandalism-proof;
  • own, remote-controlled drive for convenient positioning and on-the-spot manoeuvring;
  • optionally integrated modem for wirelessly transmitting case data and remotely accessing the enforcement system.