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Speed Limit on dual carriageways could increase

Ministers are considering extending the proposed higher limit to a far wider range of roads than previously thought.

Ministers are considering extending the proposed higher limit to a far wider range of roads than previously thought. Proposals have emerged to increase the national 70mph limit on other trunk roads.

Road safety groups have voiced concerns especially with existing police guidelines allowing motorists a measure of leeway under the “10 per cent plus 2mph” formula. If applied to an 80mph limit, this would mean drivers would be unlikely to face prosecution at speeds lower than 90mph.

Edmund King, AA president said “eighty miles per hour on a five star motorway, in a five star car, with a five star driver in good weather, is probably a safe speed, however, 80mph on some lower standard stretches of motorway and dual carriageway is probably not a safe speed. We need to ensure that adequate enforcement and highway safety standards are in place before contemplating increasing speed limits.”

The proposals have also alarmed Stephen Joseph, chief executive of the Campaign for Better Transport, he said “there are plenty of places where this would be actively dangerous; some dual carriageways are not engineered for 80mph.”

higher speed limit on motorways is fine but it should ONLY be on 3 lane roads, not dual carriageways. DC don't have restricted access-poss. people wandering across etc.

Dear Sir we should bring our speed limits into line with the ikes of France & Germany where when ts raining or bad weather conditions 100 k is in operation .But when the weather is fine 130k 82 miles per hour is the max speed.Moden cars are so much better designed for safty & speed then when the speed limits where set way back when. yours sinserly M R GILBERT

Why do we need the traffic taliban to decide what is "safe". People should be held responsible for their actions-if they're going too fast and crash who can they blame but themselves.

I consider 70mph on dual carriageways is fast enough even in clear weather. Also 80 mph on a motorway in clear weather could be ok. Its a matter of common sense what speed people drive at depending on the road conditions and weather. Speed limits to me are only a guide to a maximum speed you are allowed to travel at under law. Let's be sensible about this.

The leeway formula already allow us to drive at 79 m.p.h. I think it is entirely inappropriate to raise the speed limit especially taking in to account the exhibited poor standard of motorway driving and the absolute idiots that practice undertaking. My 17 year old son recently survived a 70 m.p.h. accident (not his fault). Had it been 80 m.p.h. (or more) I may not have celebrated Christmas with him.

increasing speed limits on ANY ROAD would be a bad mistake

Under the above leeway of 10%+1. It cost me sixty pounds and three points for passing the only other car on the road at 80MPH on the M6 in Cumbria so i got done for 1MPH or the Cristmas collection. Yes to 80 on motorways but not all duals

It my opinion that the stsndard of driving is decreasing year by year. I rarely go out on the roads these days without noticing and expriencing close encounters to having an acident due to other drivers displaying bad driving skills. With this in mind it would be idiotic to even consider increasing the speed limits on any road. My advice would be to install more road cameras to identify bad driving and prosicute until considerstion for other road users is shown to be the norm rather than the exception.

With an increasing number of drivers already travelling well over 70mph this will be a recipe for many more accidents. Not a good idea!

they could raise the speed limit but i wouldn't make any difference as 9 times out of 10 there are roadworks or traffic jams which limit everyones speed to 40mph anyway.....

As a motorway driver a limit of 80mph is a sensible limit, I agree that on some duel carriage ways this might not be such a good idea and cause a lot of confusion. Motorways would be much safer if lane discipline we observed and like the Germans have an outside lane increased speed limit. People need to better aware of lane discipline

every one seems to forget you should drive according to the conditions!if your so stupid not to then theres no helping you

Increasing speed limits on motorways and elsewhere is complete madness. Far too many drivers are incapable of handling cars at lower speeds, never mind 80. We should be lowering speed limits, not encouraging looney drivers to create mayhem.

I know of lots of good dual carriageways with 40mph sped limits, norton parkway in Sheffield for one.

they go fast enough on the motorways as it is,raising the speed limit will cause more accidents, not A good move

Is this country going mad? Increasing the speed limit will save so little in journey time, but increase the chances of not getting there at all! It is drivers in a hurry that cause most accidents. Let's REDUCE speed limts and give everybody a chance of getting there...and on time.

It would help us if ministers spent some tim at peventing us doing 2 miles an hour on our motorways let alone 80

About time too ..... the same speed limit for my 1952 Morris Oxford and my Hyundai 1x20 ...madness

The issue here is driver education and training. If every individual who takes a driving test goes onto complete an advanced driving course such is provided by IAM-Institute of Advanced Drivers, there would be little or no concern and debate. But then many assume they are 'perfect drivers' from day one.

Why do we not adopt the european system of two speed limits on motorways. In the dry 80mph, but in the rain or poor visibility 70mph.

Hopefully this will coincide with the introduction of compulsory Advanced Training and an extra element in the driving test on speed awareness, plus re-tests for any driver caught breaking any speed limit. Yeah, dream on.

as long as everybody drives at the same speed then all will be safe.Its only the idiots who have to overtake that cause the problems.

70 is fast enough

I think that it is wrong to increase the speed limit on any roads. If anything they should be reduced.

I am in full agreement in increasing motorway speeds, but not for dual-carriageways and definitely not trunk roads. When the motorway speed of 70mph was first introduced most cars built could only achieve 80-90mph, those days are well behind us now. With the majority on vehicles on our roads 80mph is cruising speed. The introduction of 70mph on dual-carriageways, was a blessing to most drivers. With more and more dual-carriageways being built getting from A to B quickly and safely was a boon. It still remains the individual's choice to drive to their required speed, some flaunt this to the extreme. Or trunk roads were not built for high speed travel and unless millions of pounds is spent on repair and re-surfacing I feel that these roads should stay as they are.

Drive down any dual carriageway at 70mph and at least 90% of vehicles will go past you with a speed differential of about 20mph. The net gain over 100 miles will be a few minutes, so why all the rush.

People already travel at these speeds and faster every day of the week so it wont make any difference. Speed is not the killer. Its the people who dont pay attention that are the killers and those who travel at 40-50mph on motorways. However, given that MOST motorists dont have a CLUE how to drive on a motorway, I do think that a compulsory test should be implemented if the speed limit is increased. MOST drivers think the inside lane is for trucks and slow cars AND IT ISNT. These idiots clog up the 2nd and 3rd lane causing major accidents. The test should be mandatory and anyone caught on the motorway without having sat that part of the test should be heavily fined. In Germany, where they DO know how to drive on the Autobahns, there are fewer accidents and they drive at 100mph plus. The only issue is, when there is an accident, its usually bad.....but they occur far less than here in the UK.

Motorways and Dual carriageway speed limits should be brought in line with mainland Europe. All 30 zones should have either speed traffic lights or a stinger device that pops up and deflates all tyres if doing over 30!! All emergency vehicles could be fitted with an override device to stop this happening to their tyres if on an emergency call!

can we increase the speed of coaches up to 70mph and open up the 3rd lane to us as it would make our job alot easier, shorten journey times and encourage more people to use coaches and get them out of there cars and into public transport

I believe most motorists only drive to the speed limit and not the conditions as is seen everywhere with inadequate distances between cars, especially at higher speeds. A general rule of permitting 80 mph on dual carriageways is highly dangerous and I do not want to see my family members killed by another driver unconscious of the road and its conditions. I do however fully support a higher speed on motorways and would go so far as to suggest testing higher speeds when the motorway falls below a pre-determined density of users. The electronic signs could define the accepted speed for the conditions. I have driven in Germany and seen some appalling near misses at high speed but this is often associated with heavy traffic on their dual carriageways, designated as motorway. In addition, I agree with the notion of higher enforcement of standards before increasing the speed limit.

I would have thought that they should be reducing the speed limits on all roads rather than increasing them. I believe that it’s a much more sensible idea to do this, reduce the likelihood of accidents on the roads. Increasing the allowable speeds would only encourage people to go even faster, causing more extensive injury and death than there is at the present speeds. I would advocate speed limits be reduced to 25 for 30mph, 35 for 40mph, 40 for 50mph, 50 for 60mph and 60 for 70mph and have all future vehicles be designed to run optimally at these speeds to reduce fuel consumption.

Utter madness, who are the idiots dreaming this up.

The change of speed limits should go further. Speeds on motorways between 12pm and 6 am should 100 mph. Cars today can do this speed as safely as 70 at this time

The 70mph speed limit was introduced in the sixties, cars, tyres and brakes have all moved on why cant the so called "safety bodies" do they think all drivers are halfwits?

I would like to see speed limits increased to 80 mph but would like to see the matrix signs a legal limit not advisory and see the 10% lee way scrapped so 80 mph is the highest speed used

70mph on permitted roads is out of date. Until aged 20 years with 3 years experience behind them, drivers should NOT be allowed on Motorways.

Higher top speeds are OK but we need an enforceable minimum speed to create smooth flowing traffic and where HGV's cannot overtake unless they are able to do so quickly.

I do not know why we make such a fuss about this idea. The Germans are renowned for having a limit free motorway system. However, their system is anything but limit free. Where the road is not safe for 100mph they apply a limit. Every motorway junction is restricted to 60 mph for example. Where a limit is necessary, they put up a speed limit sign. They also have what they call an autoroute, which is a well-made single carriageway away from housing to which they apply an 80mph limit. Why we have to make such a fuss about derestricting safe roads and limiting porer roads is beyond me. Keith

I think 70mph hour is fast enough ,people are always rushing in and out of lanes without signalling.and this causes accidents.not everyone sticks to the speed limits now without making limits higher. I strongly disagree.

a very stupid idea why be in such a hurry a dangerous idea

Why not have cars graded for speed safety by DOT or even at MOT testing. Some cars are not safe at 80mph no matter who the driver is, some are.

Speed shold be 80mph because dual carriagway is a very good condition and there is no reason why the speed must be lower.

we have enough speed freaks without creating more...

About time too !! The lunatics will always cause accidents. That is a fact of life. The majority of drivers on our raods are generally competent, experienced and drive within thier capabilities. Speed is not dangerous in the right car at the right time, in the correct weather conditions and with an experienced driver. I have to admit to the occasional speeding, but certainly not dangerous. Keep within your own safe parameters and you will survive.

Not before time too many accidents are caused by people making sure they are not breaking the limit by watching the speedo' also cars are made to cruise at a specific speed returning best mpg and less ware also use less of a valuable resource

Bring back the Red Flag!

This would be a disaster. Already people speed, with terrible results. If anything the speed limit should be lowered to 55.

When discussing these proposals, there seems to be an assumption that all roads are to be given the same limit, regardless of the circumstances. It is not beyond the wit of man to keep some heavily congested sections at a lower limit, for instance, and why oh why can we not employ the continental system which reduces the limit in adverse weather conditions. I am very used to observing the niceties of the French autoroutes where 130K is reduced to 110k in difficult areas or when it is raining. Do we have to discuss this as if we are idiots?