posted 8 years ago

Sporty driving position in the new Lexus CT 200h hybrid

Great attention has been paid to perfecting the ideal driving position

The new Lexus CT 200h Hybrid has the sportiest driving position of any mainstream Lexus production vehicle. The moment drivers get behind the wheel of the Lexus CT 200h the sporty character of the Lexus debut model in the luxury small car market will be very apparent.

Great attention has been paid to perfecting the ideal driving position with seat design and location, steering wheel position and angle of the pedals calculated for the best possible results. The car has a new engine air intake design so that the bonnet profile could be kept low to ensure a clear view from the low set driver’s seat without comprising pedestrian safety performance.

Lexus has equipped the Lexus CT 200h Hybrid with lateral performance dampers, components that, until now, have largely been the preserve of a very few high-performance models. Lexus has used the damping technology as an effective way of increasing torsional rigidity, suppressing vibrations and contributing to ride comfort without the penalty of extra weight. The result is a car powered by proven full hybrid technology that lets the driver enjoy an added performance dimension, supported by a choice of Dynamic and Relaxing driving “moods” and selectable SPORT, NORMAL and ECO drive modes.

Lexus will present the Lexus CT 200h, the new gateway model for the Lexus range at the Paris motor show in October. UK sales will start early next year.