posted 2 years ago

Stay Safe & Legal Via Free MOT Reminders - Unlike 28% Of Drivers

How to get free MOT reminders that prevent you breaking the law, jeopardising road safety and getting fined £1,000

UK MOT non-compliance statistics

Regit’s Free MOT Reminder is a priceless, easy to use, tool that confirms when to book the test that ensures your car is safe, legal, and ready for adventure. There is, therefore, no excuse to forget, jeopardise safety and break the law. The government argues:

  • 28% of vehicles are overdue for inspection at any one time
  • Rather than deliberately flout the law, the majority of offenders forget to book a test despite their best intentions
  • If your vehicle is old enough to require annual inspection, the penalty for non-compliance is up to £1,000
  • In 2016, 1,687 collisions were caused – at least to a certain extent – by the poor condition of the vehicles involved

Purpose of MOT

The MOT’s purpose is to ensure your vehicle meets minimum safety and environmental standards. Among many other things the examiner:

  • Confirms the tyres are structurally sound and have enough tread to accelerate, steer and brake effectively in the wet
  • Confirms the wipers effectively remove contamination so you have a clear view of the road, traffic and any other hazards
  • Confirms the brakes bring the vehicle to a halt efficiently and that any anti-lock system prevents skidding
  • Confirms the registration plates can be read easily
  • Confirms the seatbelts hold you – and any passengers - in the best position to benefit from the airbags if there is a crash
  • Confirms any emissions that impede public health are not excessive in comparison to the vehicle’s performance when new

Free MOT Reminder benefits

Regit’s Free MOT Reminder has numerous strengths that make your life easier. Simply enter your car’s registration number to get started. The system then confirms when by law it requires inspection. The alternative is to hunt for the certificate your test centre produced which might be lost, inaccessible, or damaged.

Furthermore, get e-mail reminders once the test is due. 30 days before the current certificate expires, for example. The accompanying special offers cut the cost of said test. A second reminder follows if the test is not complete within 7 days of expiry. The final reminder states that your certificate is expired.

And there is more. Regit’s MOT History Check lets you confirm the credentials of used cars for sale on site. It confirms, for example, whether your potential purchase has a current, valid, certificate and whether the examiner noted advisory items that require attention soon. Just enter the registration and click “go”.