posted 8 years ago

Street Legal Tron Cycle

Street legal Tron: Legacy light cycle is now available for purchase.

If after watching Tron: Legacy last year, you started to imagine what owning one of the Light Cycle’s would be like, then now you can because a street legal Tron: Legacy Light Cycle is now available for purchase.

The Light cycle itself won’t be exactly the same as in the film though. Hammacher Schlemmer list in the bikes description that it is "designed for casual cruising and slow ride-bys at shows." The Light Cycle has a Suzuki 996cc engine, which isn’t the most powerful engine but still packs a good punch. Rumour has it another company have produced a version of the Tron: Legacy light cycle, which is available with either a petrol or electric motor.

The rider essentially lies rather than sits on the bike with handle bar and foot peck controls at either end of the bike controlling the six speed manual transmission. The wheels on the Tron: Legacy light bike come from a truck and have been modified to be rimless and futuristic looking to replicate the bike in the Tron: Legacy film. The bike has a steel frame and the shell is made from carbon fibre, with illuminating LED lights down the side. The lucky few that will get one of these bikes will be able to choose between real gauges or an iPad style touch screen which will display vital statistics. All this means that the light cycle has probably just shot up to the top of most geeks dream shopping list.

The Tron: Legacy Light Cycle is an amazing piece of engineering, and prices start from $55,000 and is sure to climb when you add custom extras.

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What do you get when you merge, a electric blender, two Segways, an Ipad, whilst watching Tron... yep!.. Tron Cycle!!!