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Summer 2014: Drink-Drive Crackdown Reveals Alarming Results

Association Of Chief Police Officers Reveals Drink-Drive Figures

The Summer Drink-Drive Campaign has revealed that a vast number of people climb behind the wheel over the legal limit. During the crackdown – that ran from June 1st to June 30th 2014 – the police requested 63,688 breath tests. Of these, 6.45% of motorists proved “positive, failed, or refused” which was 1.33% higher than 2013. However, this rise could be attributed to a change in strategy that ensured the number of tests fell. The police, therefore, used a more “intelligence-led” strategy that focussed on high-risk areas such as those close to venues showing World Cup matches. Police also specifically targeted those over the limit the morning after a heavy drinking session. It can, after all, take far more time that some motorists recognise for alcohol to pass through the system.

Chief Constable Discusses Summer 2014 Drink-Drive Campaign

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport said: “I fully understand that, throughout June and into July, many people wanted to enjoy the spectacle and excitement of the World Cup, music festivals and the like - and I have no desire whatsoever to diminish their enjoyment. However, they must take responsibility for themselves when getting behind the wheel of a car and ensure that they are in a fit state to do so. If you are not you will be spotted, you will be tested and - if you fail that test - you will face serious consequences.” She concluded: “Overall, I'm disappointed in the figures emerging from this summer’s campaign, but I'm confident that, year on year, we have started to get through to people.”

Road Safety Charity Boss Discusses Summer 2014 Drink-Drive Campaign

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive for road safety charity Brake, added: “It is frustrating to see too many drivers still selfishly risking lives by getting behind the wheel after drinking - even when the dangers and consequences are so well documented. Our message to drivers is to pledge to never drive after drinking any alcohol.” She added: “To stamp out the menace of drink-driving we need the government to introduce a zero-tolerance limit, rather than asking drivers to do the impossible and guess if they are safe to drive. The law needs to make it crystal clear that drinking any amount of alcohol makes you a danger at the wheel. We also need the government to give greater priority to traffic policing, so we have a suitably strong deterrent against this abhorrent behaviour."


I am split on this. I agree that drink driver should be stamped out but I can't help but feel sorry for the unlucky ones who get stopped the next morning who genuinely have no intention to drink and drive. It's the people who do it regularly and knowingly drink and drive they are the ones that should be caught like my neighbours who regularly go to the localiin their car when it's quicker to walk. It really grates me should I shop them

I get annoyed at people like Julie Townsend who make untrue statements thus dicrediting whatever else they say. It is not true that any amount of alcohol impair a person's driving. There have been numerous tests which show that alcohol levels well below the legal limit do not impair driving ability. Check the facts Julie Townsend.

Obviously one should not drive if you have even the slightest doubt that you might be 'over the limit'. But Julie Townsend's comments are rather harsh as MOST drinkers (though sadly not all)know when not to drive.

It's surprising here in lincolnshire most drink driving posters aren't in English says a lot about open borders