posted 9 years ago

Sun Seekers Rendezvous With Used BMW 3 Series Convertible

The used BMW 3 Series Convertible is more fun than an illicit hotel rendezvous.

The used BMW 3 Series Convertible is more fun than an illicit hotel rendezvous. More good news is that a 2003 example of this prestigious four-seater could be your sun- seeking best friend from only £6,500. This model was produced from 2000 – 2006, so it still looks and feels more or less up to date. In fact, Blu Tack a personal number plate to the bumper and your neighbours will probably assume that it cost a small fortune.

This highly desirable machine has rear-wheel-drive for confident cornering, a surprisingly comfortable ride, and a reasonable amount of rear leg room considering the class. Also, the boot - despite having slightly awkward access - is spacious enough to comfortably carry a couple of large suitcases to your 'discrete' overnight accommodation. If the hotel staff do appear nosy, the electric fabric roof can be raised quickly to guarantee privacy.

When the time comes to leave your hotel the used BMW 3 Series Convertible has plenty of power to facilitate a swift exit. The top-of-the-range M3 produces 338bhp and hits 62mph in 5.3 seconds, although this costs considerably more than £6,500. It also only averages 20mpg, so best buy an oil refinery too. The 330d is more affordable as this diesel powered beast manages 40mpg, which leaves plenty of spare cash for late night room service. Not bad for a large car that reaches 62mph in 7.6 seconds.

Stylish convertibles tend to favour fashion over function, but the used BMW 3 Series is surprisingly versatile. After all, four usable seats in an open-top car is unusual, and this German lifestyle statement is very reliable. Throw-in a sky-high image and it is no surprise that motorists get excited by this magnificent machine. Now, where can I find a nice hotel?