posted 9 years ago

Super versatile Nissan 'Townpod'

The Nissan Townpod is a car for tomorrow’s world

The Nissan Townpod is a car for tomorrow's world. It may have a strange name but it is easily recognisable as a Nissan. It may not be overly attractive but it is a lot sleeker than the current Cube.

Powered by a lithium ion battery the Nissan Townpod is capable of a top speed of 80mph and can reach 0-60 mph in 14 seconds. There is an estimated range of 90 miles before the Nissan Townpod will need a recharge.

Inside the Nissan Townpod the back seats are on rails that go from the boot area to the front seats, you can fold them up and slide them into the backs of the front chairs giving the rear a van like load area. The rear passenger doors hinge at the back and there is no side pillar which means climbing in is easy. The Nissan Townpod also boasts a gadget called a ‘Puck’ which is a round squash ball like thing with a slot in to help owners tailor the car to their needs.

Despite the strange name and strange looks the Nissan Townpod is a relevant car, it is thought that it will be priced at an estimated £14,000.