posted 8 years ago

Superb New Superminis From Only 89 Pound Per Month finance section is brimming with superb new superminis from only £89 per month's finance section is brimming with superb new superminis from only £89 per-month, at 5.9 Percent APR. This cheaper than chips price tag is for the Nissan Pixo which is available on a personal contract purchase plan (PCP). This thirty-six month contract also requires a £2,906 deposit, and the end of term optional purchase payment is £2,996.

Motorists who find the Pixo's styling too cute may prefer the stoic appearance of the Volkswagen Polo. This reliable run-around is listed, again on a PCP, for forty payments of £120 at 11.6% APR. Wannabe owners will also have to forage under the mattress for the £399 deposit, and save a further £2,475 to settle the final purchase payment.

Now, the Nissan Pixo and Volkswagen Polo both have their merits - but what if you fancy something more stylish than a super-model's wardrobe? The Alfa Romeo Mito fits the bill perfectly and is available for a £500 deposit, plus forty-seven payments of £199 at 6% APR. This PCP's optional purchase payment is £4,370, which fashion conscious socialites will be happy to pay as the Mito is a great little car.

Further finance packages cover the Renault Twingo which is listed with a finance deposit contribution, the Toyota Aygo which includes a servicing offer, and the pint-sized Nissan Micra with a free specification upgrade. The Citroen C1 is also making its presence felt as it is listed with a servicing offer and finance deposit contribution. So many superminis, so many choices!