posted 5 years ago

Supermarkets drop Fuel Prices

Fuel price drop welcome news for hard pressed motorists

Four leading supermarkets have announced they are cutting fuel prices on their forecourts. Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda are introducing a petrol price cut of up to 2p per litre and Morrison’s are cutting up to 3p a litre off petrol and 1p off diesel. Mark Todd, petrol director for Morrison’s, said "further falls in wholesale prices mean we can pass savings on to customers and continue to offer some of the lowest prices on the market."

This is welcome news for hard pressed motorists, Sainsbury's head of fuel Richard Crampton said "we know that fuel is a big part of many customers' weekly budget so we're keen to do anything we can to help."

These latest reductions follow supermarket cuts last week to the price of diesel and a general lowering of the wholesale price of fuel. Motoring groups welcomed the news as likely to take pressure off squeezed household budgets, but warned that a lack of transparency means that drivers filling up face significant regional price variations. It seems that Asda are aiming to please whatever your location is, Andy Peake, Asda's petrol trading director, said "when we do drop prices, we drop them everywhere, setting a maximum national price cap for our customer, which means they all benefit from our low prices, regardless of where they live."

Edmund King, president of the AA, said "we predicted these cuts last week, with oil down to its lowest level in a month and the pound gaining on the dollar after its recent fall. This is perhaps another glimmer of sunlight for drivers after a hard, wet, pot-holed and expensive winter of driving." The RAC's technical director, David Bizley, said "certainly, these price cuts will be widely welcomed by UK motorists and it is encouraging to see that the drop in the wholesale price of fuel is being passed on. Nonetheless, it is easy to underestimate the impact that the UK's high fuel prices are having on us as individuals. Our research has shown that almost half of motorists would avoid promotion or a new job that involves more driving, and a quarter believe prices negatively affect their working life.” comments; the last few years have been very tough for the consumer and especially the motorist and it is all about survival, we have seen many motorists downgrading from petrol guzzling cars to something more economical with lower insurance and lower tax and this reduction in fuel will be very much welcomed.

excelent! only problem is, as per usual, Tesco have only taken off 1p a ltr which still makes them 2p altr dearer than the rest of the supermarkets! Should they change their logo n there tankers to "Why pay less! Fill-up at Tesco!".

Good old Asda - same price across the UK unlike the other supermarkets. Our Tesco (Oban) is often several pence per litre more than Tesco stores in other parts of UK (eg Carlisle, Glasgow, Perth). Only problem is that we don't have an Asda store near us :(

Why the Difference? 3p off Petrol 1p off Diesel. The poor old diesel driver suffers yet again

If it was not for hundreds of thousands of motorists backing the Fair Fuel campaign, your fuel would be much higher, so if you think petrol is expensive add your weight to the and help make a difference

Just got a diesel for the first time - very efficient. However as a sync my thoughts are that now we no longer pay as much road tax the tax from the static diesel prices are compensating for this loss of revenue!!

I have had diesel fueled cars for some years now since we were encouraged by the government to do just this by the fuel being cheaper, How odd, that now well over half of vehicles are diesel powered the price of the fuel is more than petrol. A complete reversal.

Tesco have not dropped their price around here yet, they are always the last around here so as to get every penny out of the motorist and its not the first time here they do it every time.(HOLYHEAD)

I paid £1.56 at Clackets Lane services near junction 6 of M25 last weekend - only bought £20 worth. Why don't they charge less and I'm sure they would sell more, although a number of repmobiles were filling up regardless. On the A23 into Brighton it was only £1.38 for diesel. 18p a litre difference cannot be justified by the high overheads of a motorway service area, or can it?

Why cant these prices be reflected by the big name fuel suppliers? they make the fortunes from us as well as the greedy goverments( that is any of them)who take us for chumps.Always sting the motorist!we are easy targets.Fight back and buy smaller cars or dont use it one day a week.

Maybe they'r celebrating Thatchers passing !

Why does the price of petrol always seem to drop more markedly than that of diesel fuel? The wholesale price of diesel is no more than 2 or 3 pence greater than that of petrol, per litre. Yet, this is not reflected in the retail price at the pumps. Why not?

great... for five minutes, til the government decide to add the cut back on in tax... wonder how long that will take?.. not long I bet..