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Supermarkets start petrol war

Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda have started a battle for shoppers fighting for the best possible petrol price

Sainsbury, Tesco and Asda have started a battle for shoppers fighting for the best possible petrol price. All three have recently cut petrol price by 2p a litre.

Asda have announced that customers will pay no more than 138.7 a litre for unleaded and 143.7 for diesel. Tesco have announced a similar cut but a spokesman said that prices would vary in different parts of the country; the lowest price at 137.9p a litre and the highest at 140.9p. Sainsbury’s have followed and said “in many of our stores” the price of petrol and diesel would be cut.

The AA said prices at the pump had hit a new high of 142.48 per litre with diesel remaining at 147.88p per litre. Pressure has increased on oil companies and retailers to bring down prices as wholesale prices have dropped.

The AA added that if the wholesale petrol price hold or continues to crash the UK pump prices should fall at least 4p in the next few weeks.


In my experience Morrisons Supermarket owned petrol outlets are consistently the cheapest for petrol and diesel fuels. Price promotions are not required here to ensure that their supplies are available cheaply compared with elsewhere. The offers that are run are linked to food and commodity purchases in-store, entitling a discount off an already low price per litre.

they know we cannot boycott as we need cars to get to jobs and essential living but we should boycott those that always raise prices at 1st chance but slow in passing saving back to us and put those forecourts out of business


saying about a boycot of the fore court why not all at once it would hit both petrol companies and the government where it hurts the most their pockets coz say for instance 3 million litres of fuel is sold each day just one day boycot would loose them both roughly 2.1 million in lost revenues not that they would notice so whynot do it for a week multiply it by 50 and that will hit them harder 200million pounds lost in a week

It's not really rocket science is it!! Everything is transported by some sort of fossil fuel!! Drop the tax on it! Everything costs less! We spend more!! Inflation down! ECONOMY BOOMS!!!

It's been often suggested but a boycott of one fuel supplier a week; ie Shell one week, BP another, would soon bring the prices down.

If you want to make your feelings known to the government do something about it and go to and sign the protest.

The Asda near us put the price of diesel up by 2p the other week and now have dropped it 2p so they haven't really lost anything. To top that the petrol is self service (card only) with no attendant so they should be able to sell it even cheaper!

At least in the rest of Europe diesel is cheaper than petrol. I still don't understand why we have the opposite and the margin is increasing.

The governments are happy to see the petrol companys increase prices as they get increased fuel duty and vat without looking the baddies. They could help by reducing the tax and duty on fuel.

it is immoral that it should cost so much to fill up a vehicle these days,cars can avert a disaster and save lives-the price of duty should be drastically cut-that will also please the NHS,as ambulances need petrol/diesel aswell.


A fat lot of good protesting in France did, their fuel prices are higher than here for unleaded given the current exchange rate for the Euro,but the plus side is that their Road Tax is included in the Fuel price you pay at the petrol outlet of your choice Price v Quality of fuel

That was supposed to say carless. Stupid spellchecker/corrector!

A car is a necessity for some, not a luxury. Our family car is a vito, not because I particularly like them, but because it's wheelchair adapted for my daughter. We live in Cornwall so the bus service is awful and people hate me taking a screaming 10 year old onto their bus. Cut the price of fuel or we will end up Charles's and housebound!

The above comments are correct,we need as a whole to stage peaceful protests ALL over the country.If we were in France we would be protesting in the streets and getting results instead we let the government here walk all over us,shame on us all,myself included.

tesco@slough still 142.99most expensive around every little helps. but who?RONNIE D

There is always one d'head who tries to bely the hardship of the majority... The money paid out of your monthly wage is significant despite those few who get 50mpg - do some maths will you and see that £80 from a take home pay of say £400 per week is 20% of your income for fuel only, wake up to reality, we are paying way too much for the pleasure of getting to work or indeed a day out at the seaside?

Also on this site - the efficiency of vehicles has improved by 18%. New Cars prove their ‘fuel efficiency’ New figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that new cars registered in the UK last year were on average 18% more fuel efficient than the average car on the road ENLARGE New figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that new cars registered in the UK last year were on average 18% more fuel efficient than the average car on the road. Data analysing the emissions of all new cars registered in the UK showed a continued trend in falling emissions and improving fuel efficiency. 2011 emissions fell by 4.2% year on year to 138.1g/km CO2 (equivalent to 52.5mpg), down by more than 23% since reporting began in 2000. The Report shows that in 2011, almost half of new cars had emissions below the 2015 European legislative target of 130g/km CO2 and over 65,000 vehicles were exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) with sub-100g/km cars almost doubling their market share to 3.4%. Paul Everitt, SMMT Chief Executive, said “industry can be proud of the progress it has made in reducing CO2 emissions and improving fuel efficiency, 23 per cent since 2000. The UK motor industry recognises its responsibilities and the industrial opportunities from the transition to ultra-low carbon vehicles. Future environmental and economic success will be determined by sustained investment in new technology, R& D, infrastructure and consumer incentives. We are seeing steady improvement in conventional technologies and the emergence of a range of alternative technologies, creating one of the most innovative periods for the global automotive industry.” By Geraldine Ashton Green,

It is a joke, clearly - is it not? 2p a litre drop? Price War??? Joke

Some of the comments above are made from a political standpoint in a way that will critisize any government for the tax on fuel. Lets get one thing clear if they do not tax fuel they will have to tax something else to pay for all the state support and benefits given away. Of which some are genuinely needed. Secondly if one stops to engague ones brain before shouting about something they know little about they should realise that despite the price of fuel being high..too high I agree..they should consider that the efficiency of new cars bought in the last 3-5 years is significantly better by some 30-50 % in some cases 100%. That is, where before the average car was doing 25 mpg itis now doing 35 -50 mpg so if you have a relatively new vehicle, it costs you less to cover the same milage than it did back then, so your motoring costs have actually dropped not risen. I am surprized the Government haven't made this point. As for businesses they claim all the VAT back so that 20% to them is not an on cost. Lastly it is the global economy that governs the price of fuel, no government in the world can control that bit easily or the greed of the Oil Companies and speculators. Tax them more perhaps but how do you do that in a global economy?

I have to travel 35 miles to get to work each day and just to get to my workplace to keep food on the table, the economy ticking and pay my taxes it now costs £80 each week in fuel. That is now over £1000 every 3 months for the honour of working. DREADFUL!

Why should oil companies cut their price?! It's the government that are ripping us all off! Over 88p per litre in tax - were being robbed! The government need to cut the amount of tax we are paying SIGNIFICANTLY.....

I agree we should start a peaceful revolution: 'Vote with our feet' - walk more, cycle, reduce unnecessary pleasure trips, wine and dine at home. We save fuel,money, speeding tickets, have a more healthy lifestyle and it all comes with improved family values.

Since the budget I have been argueing that vat should have been cut to 15% and fuel duty cut by at least 30p per litre - only then might we see some growth in the economy - restraints must be put on supermarkets, utility companies and fuel companies to prevent them from making multi-billions while we suffer the hardship imposed upon us by this blind government who are totally out of touch with reality!

The British public are pathetic (me included). We allowed the goverment to get rid of Imperial Gallons for litres and now suffer the rise of pence per litre instead of pence per gallon, which is almost 5 times more. We allow them the take nearly 90p per litre in duty and then charge us 20% VAT on that 90p, plus the margin taken by speculators, oil companies and retailers, plus 20% VAT on that. In short we are being shafted by a bunch or rich pricks who have no appreciation of the value of money and have no experience of life beyond politics. We need a peacful revolution in the UK before there is not so peacefull reaction to the rampant elitists who give not a toss for us mere minions!!!

Never pay more than Asda price that will start to push prices down.

Why not cut fuel duty dramatically for GENUINE truckers and public service operators, like buses and taxis???

Well said Richard. I agree 100%.

We (as a Country)need to revolt.As for dropping 4p a litre it's a joke it needs to drop 40p.Everybody was discusted at a £1.00 a litre but everyone seems to be asleep, it's now getting ridiculous and hitting everyone very hard.DROP FUEL PRICES AND SEE THE ECONOMY GROW!