posted 6 years ago

Tax Vehicles Without Proof of Insurance

Motorists could soon be able to tax vehicles without proof of insurance.

Motorists could soon be able to tax vehicles without proof of insurance. The purpose of this DVLA proposal - which is at the consultation stage – is to modernise the tax paying process rather than be soft on insurance dodgers. Let me explain. The current system requires motorists to either show insurance documents at a Post Office, or pass an electronic check online or via the telephone. The problem is that criminals insure vehicles briefly to comply with these regulations, then cancel and claim refunds. This makes checking for cover while motorists pay their tax of less value than many assume. Furthermore, the system inconvenience legitimate drivers. They, after all, must carry important paperwork in the street. Alternatively, some motorists struggle to pay either online or via the telephone due to validation errors. These tend to occur when insurance expires the same day as the tax disc.

Clearly, annual or six monthly checks were better than nothing in the past. But now we have Continuous Insurance Enforcement (CIE). This enables the DVLA – which collects road tax on behalf of the Government – to cross reference its database of vehicle keepers with the Motor Insurance Database (MID). The latter reveals who is insured at any point of the year. Checks can therefore be made continuously to discourage fraudsters from insuring vehicles briefly to obtain discs. This, it is argued, means it is no longer necessary to check for insurance as motorists pay their road tax. It is only a 'proposal' though, so watch this space.

Why don't we have two insurances, with one for the car and one for the driver. the driver can insure themselves to drive within a certain band and the car will be a fixed annual fee.

Enough trouble getting people to pay up when they damage your car and run off regardless. can someone not use a brain this is going to be a big loophole.

Hi,This is easy just follow the French or German way with the vehicle licence and ins,Britain is so backward and messy .

Re my idea of insurance discs to be displayed alongside tax discs (must be returned for a refund)to make sure more motors are taxed and the cost come down for a change.The insurers could even take advantage of displaying their name on every insured motor,that would be cheaper than all the money they spend on advertising,perhaps they might even give it a try.

Fine, bring in this method of tracking uninsured vehicles, let's see how many people agree with it when more fuel is stolen from vehicles and companies because the dodgers can't get fuel from the pumps anymore??

I wonder if Frank Burgess has considered thieves in his suggestion! Yep - these chips will be stolen and/or cloned. Keep up mate! Simple remedies rarely remedy the problem

Since the invention of the micro-chip it has been well within the technology of those in charge to stick a disc on the side of any vehicle at a height that can be read from another seeing eye on all fuel pumps and if the details on the vehicles disc are not up to date, no fuel. simples.

I totally agree with Peter Crawley then we can ALL SEE WHO HAS NO INSURANCE the only thing with this is that something will have to be considered for the motor trader as they alway's have different vehicles

Sounds like a good idea to me. It's definitely an improvement on the current system; let's do something to stop these scumbags.

Perhaps have an Insurance Disc to be displayed with the Tax Disc that must be surrendered if a refund is taken.

I like the idea of adding the tax to petrol and demobilising the tax office (apart from a small crew to monitor the insurance compliance)The CO2 bands are a sop to the tree huggers anyway, should be dropped and only differentiate between petrol and diesel

What happens iffn the car isnt insured but you are through another car insurance. They are so blinded by catching people (poor punters,us).

At the moment at least legit tax disc says that you once had legal insurance and you have legal tax. Surely a better system would be to allow you to tax a vehicle if you have insurance currently OR previously had insurance within 14 days and for a period of at least a month.

Adding the road tax cost to petrol would not work as there are too many tax bands based on CO2 outputs.


why not put the tax on the pertol then everyone would be paying it when they use their car & could save money by getting rid of the staff in the tax office.

I complained to my MP about CIE before it cam in. If you have a second vehicle that is only used in the summer, if you cancel the insurance you now have to cancel the tax and SORN it. So no longer can you leave it taxed then on a sunny day make a quick phone call and get insurance and be out on the road legally in five minutes. now you wil have to tax it and wait for the tax to arrive before you drive. What happens to the sunny day in the interim?

whatever next a sensible government proposal!