posted 4 years ago

Tech Update: Cycle Helmet Talks To Drivers To Warn Of Crash

Volvo To Demonstrate Talking Cycle Helmet At International CES

A Volvo helmet for cyclists that sends a signal to drivers to warn that a collision is imminent will be revealed at the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

The system relies on a smartphone app for cyclists, such as Strava. This relays the cyclist's position to the car via the Volvo Cloud. The vehicle replays its position to the application.

If a collision is likely, the driver is warned via a windscreen head-up display. The cyclist is alerted by a flashing light in the helmet. Corrective action can then be taken. According to the manufacture, performance is not impeded by blind spots, bends, or other vehicles. 

Volvo says “the global growth in cycling continues unabated” as 123 million were sold globally in 2013. In the UK in 2013, cycle casualties were 31% higher than 2009. Further – the manufacturer says - “50% of all cyclists killed in European traffic” collided with a car.

Volvo Collaborating With Related Industries

The helmet technology spans various industries so Volvo is collaborating with POS – a protective gravity sports gear manufacturer - and Ericsson, a communication specialist.

Klas Bendrik, VP and Group CIO at Volvo Cars, said: “The partnership between Volvo Cars, POC and Ericsson is an important milestone in investigating the next steps towards Volvo Cars’ vision to build cars that will not crash.”

Stefan Ytterborn, CEO and Founder of POC, added: “Our mission is to do the best we can to possibly save lives and to reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists.”

Per Borgklint, SVP and Head of Business Unit Support Solutions at Ericsson, said: “There is perhaps no greater promise that the Networked Society holds than its ability to create connections that save lives”.


Pointless idea. Maybe no signal, only works with Volvo plus cyclist with app, time lag, imminence not dependent solely on proximity & speed. And every idiot with an agenda will see an opportunity to force their ideas on 'the other'

lets be fair hear, there are good and bad drivers just as much as there good and bad cyclists, its just that many cyclists seem to be carrying huge chips on their shoulders and consider themselves above the law.

hey cyclists put your hand in your pocket for your own you still blames us poor motorists can't have it both ways

Richard Burton - there are far too many bicycle manufacturers to get this built into a bike and not everyone would want to upgrade their bike - much cheaper to upgrade your helmet although I imagine this helmet is not going to be cheap!

What does collision imminent mean? If its any more than a car is in the vicinity then the cyclist, almost certainly, already knows. There is some merit in a system that warns drivers that a cyclist is ahead & allows them to prepare mentally but only on condition that it is in addition to taking normal care on the roads, not a replacement for it and a cyclist not having the system is not an justification for crashing into them.

Oh Lord, I can see what's coming next. The judge concluded that the cyclist was warned of the impending collision by his helmet but failed to take corrective action as the Volvo came barrelling around the blind bend. Therefore the driver cannot be held responsible for the cyclist's death." Another dumb idea designed to remove the responsibility for people to drive with their brains instead of their feet.

An ingenious device, but if it's built in to the car, why isn't it built in to the bike, rather than into a helmet which can be left behind? Very odd, unless this is just another attempt to market helmets.