posted 4 years ago

Tech Update: Wireless Charging For Electric Vehicles Moves Closer

Major Players Work To Create Wireless Charging Network

The wireless electric vehicle charging network could be created sooner than expected following an agreement between two of the industry's most significant players. 

Qualcomm Incorporated – which has built a wireless charging system – has invested in Chargemaster PLC, a company that has produced over 27,000 vehicle recharging units.

Chargemaster claims this investment represents “an acceleration of the planned UK development, production and deployment” of a wireless vehicle recharging network. 

How Wireless Charging Works

The Qualcomm Halo WEVC system is easy for the motorist to operate. It incorporates a base pad that is placed (say) on the floor of a garage or buried within the road surface in a car park. This is connected – via cable – to the mains electricity supply.

The motorist manoeuvres the vehicle above the base pad. There is no need to park within a fraction of an inch; within close proximity is sufficient. As the base pad is connected to mains power, it generates a magnetic field that extends beyond its physical boundaries. 

The magnetic field then comes into wireless contact with a receiver pad within the vehicle, which charges the battery. The process is called resonant magnetic induction.

Advantages Of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has two advantages. Firstly, the driver no longer has to store a cable in the vehicle. This save space. Wireless charging also saves time as it eliminates the need to retrieve a cable and plug it in. Charging becomes a more passive, automated, process. 

Chargemaster says that many “manufacturers are planning to incorporate wireless charging into their electric” cars in the near future. Furthermore, it has installed 10,000 wireless ready units in the UK and Europe that “can be easily” updated to the new service. 

Chargemaster Discusses New Investment

David Martell, CEO of Chargemaster, said, “We have been working with Qualcomm for several years now and this investment is a natural progression. We are very excited about helping to bring the next major evolution in electric motoring to the market, making the electric driving experience even more enjoyable and practical for daily use.”