posted 1 year ago

Tell Us How Much You Loathe Pot Holes

We’re feeling generous right now, so we’re giving away a £50 fuel card. Get involved!

With potholes being such a hot topic at the moment, we've decided to join the conversation and have a moan too. Whether you're on an A road, B road or even a motorway, potholes are there to plague your drive.

Our cars are a big part of our lives and are like extended members of the family. That makes it all the more painful when they fall victim to a moon-sized crater that lands them in a workshop for a week, doesn't it?

Share your pothole woes with us for your chance to win a £50 fuel card

Tell Us How Much You Loathe Pot Holes Image 2

Whether it's a particular tyre-tearing tyrant or a suspension-shattering spot, we want to know about it.

Share your stories, videos and pictures with us for your chance to win. You can even name and shame your local council if they're ignoring the craters on your roads!

The most soul-destroying holes will feature in our upcoming "Top 10 Worst Potholes" piece and the very worst of them will win the £50 fuel card.

Share your story now on our Facebook post for your chance to win!