posted 2 years ago

Tell Us How Much You Love Your Car

We’re feeling generous right now, so we’re giving away a prize. Get involved!

As Valentine’s Day approaches and love is in the air, many of us will be feeling particularly affectionate towards our loved ones, but not in the way you think! We are obviously referring to the extension of our home…our cars - ah yes, we love them as part of our life and our family. We laugh, cry, argue and share family and friend time in our cars.

Here at Regit we believe Your car is a part of your life not just a set of specs and a heap of metal. We know you rely on your car for more than just getting you from A to B. It's a partner, a reliable friend that helps you to get the kids to school, do the shopping and so much more.

  • Your car is a relationship; -a friend, a trusty companion, a partner, a partner in crime even!
  • Your car is a place where relationships happen. It is the extra room of your life;- place of chats and conversations, rows and laughter
  • Your car is a personality even-with its own quirks and needs

Share your experiences with us about when your car has really meant something to you. This could be anything from an epic road trip or adventure, to a time when your car has been there for you in an emergency. It could just be a time when your car has been there for you on your way home in a storm or on the school run.

Whatever your story, we'd love you to share it with us.

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