posted 2 years ago

Tell Us The Name Of Your Car

Don't just own it, love it. What does your car mean to you?

Skoda recently launched an initiative with an approved-used dealership in West London whereby the previous owners gave their cars a name and a small tag-line describing the car. 

The tag-line could be anything; from the cars personality traits to fond family memories with the car. The idea being it personifies the car and helps potential owners learn more about the vehicle than just the service history and mileage.

Willis Motor Group Skoda (where this incentive is being trialed) even go as far as including the details on their adverts on external car sales sites…

… We like this idea, in fact we’re going to ‘borrow’ it. We want to know what you’ve named your car, a small tag line about the car and include a photo as well if you can. Get involved in the comments section.

Example #1

I’ll get us started, meet ‘Joan’. (See reg plate...)

“The Bahn-stormer!” 

This is my beloved BMW Z4 that I’ve owned for over 2 years now. Nicknamed the Bahn-stormer due to one big day where she took me the distance from Amsterdam, Holland, all the way to Pula, Croatia, in one go. Almost 1,000 miles in one day, mostly spent on the German Autobahn, and she barely broke a sweat!

Example #2

Another one is Lukar. (Again, see reg plate…)

“The Selfridges Shuttle”

This one belongs to our validation manager Jodie - aside from the daily commute to and from work, Jodies much-adored Polo spends most of its time ferrying her and her friends to and from the Trafford Centre, more specifically, Selfridges.

Now it’s your turn! Be creative, try and make us laugh. We’re looking forward to reading your comments below!