posted 4 years ago

Ten Economical Driving Tips - Drive Well, Pay Less

Helpful advice so you can save money at the fuel pump.

Do you need to reduce your fuel bill? Its easy to save some pounds at the fuel pumps by making a few simple changes by driving more economically, follow our ten top tips and keep the pounds in your pocket. 

1. Take it easy

Drive smoothly and accelerate gently and always change gear as soon as possible. Look as far ahead as possible to avoid unnecessary braking. Fuel is wasted when you have to brake straight away.

2. Maintenance 

Keep your car properly maintained, basic maintenance makes all the difference. Keep the tyres at the correct pressure, under inflated tyres cause more rolling resistance and friction which means the engine has to work harder. Have your car serviced on time and the engine oil changed regularly.  

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3. Switch off the air-con

If you are driving around town and can do without the air conditioning on then it really is worth switching it off. Motorway driving at higher speeds doesn't have the same impact so you can keep cool on the long journeys. It is also worth remembering the heated rear windscreen and demisters also use more fuel so switch it off if not needed.

4. Dump the luggage

If you are driving around with lots of unnecessary luggage then it’s time to dump it. Any extra weight being lugged around has an impact on fuel economy. Do you really need what is in your boot, if it’s not required then take it out. The same applies to roof racks, cycle racks and top boxes as this creates more wind drag making the engine work harder. 

5. Don’t coast

The days are gone of ‘coasting along’ there is nothing to gain by letting the car roll in neutral to save fuel. The engine control unit in a modern car cuts the fuel supply the second you take your foot off the accelerator. 

6. Keep to the speed limits 

Always remember the faster you go the more fuel you use. If you keep to the speed limits it will keep your fuel bill down and you won’t be spending on speeding tickets

Motorway driving at 80mph rather than 70mph can use up to more than 25% fuel in some cars. 

7. Plan your journey 

If you plan ahead then you won’t get lost or go the long way wasting fuel. Check out where you are heading and plan the best efficient route. Try using a satellite navigation device or use an online route planner.

8. Think small

If you haven’t bought your car yet then buy the smallest car that meets your needs, small cars make your fuel go further. Even better is to ‘go green’ opt for an alternative fuel car and pay lower road tax as well. 

9. Keep rolling in traffic

If you’re without the ‘eco’ button in your car then stop/start traffic is not good for fuel economy. It is better to keep the car rolling with good clutch control, much better to be at a walking pace than to keep stopping and setting off again.

10. Change up early 

If you have a newer car you may have ‘gear shift indicators’ an arrow on the dashboard, this identifies the most efficient point to shift for the car in current conditions. Changing up through the gears a little earlier will help save fuel. 

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