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The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far

See which cars are the most popular in 2018

The SMMT figures showing year-to-date car sales have been released and the market was down by 3.5% in June. Most interestingly, diesel-powered cars have now taken a huge 28.2% hit in sales when compared to June last year. Overall, the market is down by 6.3% in the first two quarters, but there will still be a massive 1,313,994 people driving brand new cars this year.

Let’s see who’s been buying what. This is the leaderboard of cars sold so far in 2018, in ascending order...

Mercedes-Benz C Class - 19,684 cars sold

 The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 0

In 10th place is the C Class. Understandable really, as it is so highly rated by fleet managers and company car owners alike. Their diesel engines are generally clean and particularly frugal, although it will be interesting to see how the C Class continues to perform as diesel cars fall further and further out of favour.

Prices start from £29,040

Mercedes-Benz A Class - 20,002 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 2

The latest facelifted model has just been released and who’d have thought the Mercedes A-Class, Mercedes’ first-ever hatchback, would feature so consistently in the top 10 best selling cars in the UK. It has sold so well for a combination of reasons. Firstly, it is available on very reasonable finance and leasing deals, and secondly, it is favoured highly buy company car owners and fleet managers, much like the C-Class.

Prices start from £22,850 for the new model

Ford Kuga - 21,784 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 24

Another SUV! The fact that an SUV like the Ford Kuga is outselling the likes of two popular Mercedes car models speaks volumes about just how much the market has changed. It makes sense though, where the Mondeo would previously have featured in this list, buyers have switched to bigger, more refined and safer cars like the Kuga, which is certainly one of the best in its class.

Prices start from £22,600

Volkswagen Polo - 22,027 cars sold 

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 20

Now in its sixth generation, the new Polo is flying off the shelves. VW's successful small hatchback has recently won awards for 'World Urban Car' and 'Best Ultralight Tow Car' which showcases what a great all rounder this really is. 

Prices start from £14,235 

MINI hatchback - 23,641 cars sold

 The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 22

One of the least surprising cars in the top 10 is the MINI hatchback. We love the MINI in the UK and it has constantly featured in the best selling list for years upon years. Not only because of its fashionable and timeless looks, but also because it's genuinely one of the best hatchbacks on the market, and it strikes a price point which balances desirability with accessibility.

Prices start from £15,905

Vauxhall Corsa - 28,003 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 21

Vauxhall will be disappointed with this ranking. Even though it’s the 5th best selling car in the country in 2018, the Corsa is accustomed to being much further up the leaderboard and much closer to its main rival, the Fiesta. Who knows, perhaps some ultra-competitive finance deals in the upcoming quarters could get the Corsa back where it belongs…

Prices start from £11,250

Nissan Qashqai - 30,066 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 5

The best selling crossover on the market, again, is the Nissan Qashqai. We tested the new model out in Austria last year and we were blown away by just how much is on offer at such a competitive price. The facelifted version now has high-quality leather splashed all over the interior, and the dashboard and steering wheel now look like they come from a vehicle in the class above. The fact that the Qashqai has already sold over 8,000 more units than its nearest competitor, the Ford Kuga, speaks volumes about just how good this model really is.

Prices start from £19,300

Ford Focus - 30,757 cars sold

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Another unsurprising feature in this list. The new Focus continues the solid sales performance of the last one, and when the range is largely powered by modern Ecoboost petrol engines, this is a car which is comfortably withstanding the changing of the market. Even though there’ll be fewer diesel model sales of the Focus, there are petrol alternatives which will easily persuade the previous diesel owners to convert.

Prices start from £20,140

Volkswagen Golf - 39,930 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 23

Whoever is responsible for European sales of the Volkswagen Golf must have one of the easiest jobs on the market. It’s just a car that sells, sells and sells, and it has done so consistently since it was first introduced back in 1974. This latest version does have a fair percentage of sales made up of diesel engines, but it is seemingly withstanding the widespread boycotting of diesel engines as the world turns more environmentally friendly.

Prices start from £18,235

Ford Fiesta - 56,415 cars sold

The Best Selling Cars of the Year so Far Image 3

You probably could have guessed that this was going to be top of the list. It’s been the best selling car in the country for quite some time now. What is most interesting though is that after 6 months 2018, Ford has already sold more than twice as many Fiestas as Vauxhall have sold Corsas. Two cars who were previously in a fierce contest are now leagues apart. It’s easy to see why. The new Fiesta is the best looking and most well-rounded model they’ve ever put on the market and the EcoBoost engines are just too good for most manufacturers to compete with.

Prices start from £13,715