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The Electric MINI Hatchback is Open For Orders

Could the electric MINI open the EV floodgates? We think so...

This could be a landmark date not only for MINI, but the whole motor industry. One of the worlds most popular hatchbacks is now open for order in all-electric form. If any car is able to stimulate mass-adoption of electric cars, the MINI stands a solid chance. It was just over 60 years ago, in 1959, that Sir Alex Issigonis’ first Mini rolled off the production line as a car built to overcome the oil crisis. Now, over half a century later, the first all-electric MINI is available to order in the UK in an effort to overcome the ongoing climate crisis - and we’re very, very excited.

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Every electric MINI will possess roughly the same performance capabilities as the current MINI Cooper S hatchback. So you can expect 184 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of just 7.2 seconds. Sounds like fun to us! Of course, you get all that performance without sneezing out a single pollutant into the atmosphere, which is always welcomed. On a single full battery, the electric MINI will return up to 144 miles of real world driving. Ok, that’s not quite as good as a Tesla, but it’s extremely good for an electric car at this price point.

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The best thing about the electric MINI has to be the fact that it looks like a regular MINI. From the outside, this is still the same adorable and characterful little hatchback that we have grown to love. While every other manufacturer seems to want to shape their electric cars into spaceships, this is an electric car that looks just like a normal car. Perfect. 80 per cent charge is reached from zero charge in just 36 minutes, at a 50kW DC fast-charging station. The MINI doesn’t even compromise on boot space, unlike a lot of other electric cars. There is still 211 litres of room in the boot, which extends to 731 litres when the rear seats are folded down.

Don’t go thinking that the electric MINI will lose the dynamic driving characteristics that the brand is famous for. If anything, the electric model will drive even better. New suspension technology has been designed especially for this model, which lowers the centre of gravity of the car by 30mm compared to the existing Cooper S. There is also less weight over the front wheels in the absence of an engine, which means there is near-perfect weight distribution.

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There will be 4 different driving modes in the new electric MINI as standard, so buyers can quickly switch Sport, Mid, Green and Green+ depending on the conditions (and the distance to the nearest charger.) In Sport mode the motor is more aggressive, the steering is more direct and better weighted and the car will accelerate more impressively, alternatively, in the most economical ‘Green+’ mode, features like the air-con are switched off to ensure the maximum range from the battery.

The Electric MINI goes on sale with three trim levels, prices starting from £24,400 after the governments Plug-In Car Grant and the order books are already open. Lease deals have been announced too, with monthly prices starting from £299. This will land you a Level 1 model that comes particularly well equipped, with MINIs new Digital Dashboard, Sat Nav, Real-Time Traffic info as well as LED headlights and taillights. 

MINI are confident you're going to love driving the new MINI Electric, which is why pre-orders come with a Feel Good Guarantee. You can place your order and take the MINI Electric for a test drive once cars hit the road in March. If you don't feel the good times (very unlikely) then you can get your deposit back. 

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