posted 2 years ago

The Fastest-Selling Jaguar Ever

A look back on the debut year of the Jaguar F-Pace...

In April this year, Jaguar finally released one of their most anticipated cars in recent years. To keep up with the shift in consumer buying habits, Jaguar released their first ever 4x4 SUV, the F-Pace. It was a brave move that was always going to upset purists but the figures don’t lie, Jaguar has nailed it.

Jaguar managed to shift 30,000 models of the F-Pace from launch in mid-April to the end of August. Their fastest selling car in the manufacturer's 94-year history.

If that last stat wasn’t enough to convince you that the F-Pace is highly desired, website analysis shows that 370,000 people had configured their own F-Pace down to the last optional extra in that same period of time.

The F-Pace has attacked the market at the very top. Audi will have to restructure their pricing with the launch of the new Q5 thanks to the F-Pace shockwaves. This is the car that last month took the top spot in the Women’s Car of The Year Awards.

The success of the F-Pace can be credited to its versatility. If it’s in your budget, there’ll be one fit for your desires. There are 6 powertrains on offer altogether. Starting with the 4-cylinder 2.0litre ‘Ingenium’ diesel which pushes out around 180 horsepower and only 129g/km of CO2 emissions. This 2.0litre diesel will give back a massive 53.3 mpg combined - a really pleasing figure for a prestigious SUV that weighs almost 2 tonnes.

Then at the top of the spectrum, there is the 3.0litre petrol V6 engine, taken out of the raucous F-Type coupé. This engine offers a blistering 380 horsepower, taking the big SUV from 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds.

We’re not so certain that Jaguar is quite done with the F-Pace yet. There’s room for an ‘R’ version which exists at the top of every other model in the Jaguar range. We’d imagine this would feature the same V8 5.0litre petrol engine in the F-Type R and will be breathing north of 500 horsepower, taking the 0-60mph time below the 5 seconds mark and into the competitive realms of the Range Rover Sport SVR, Volvo XC90 T8 Hybrid, BMW X6M and Mercedes GLE63 AMG.

The term ‘sports-SUV’ is bounded around a lot nowadays, and doesn’t really make sense as it spells out ‘sports Sports Utility Vehicle’ - but it is certainly fitting here. With a predominantly aluminium body and a rear-wheel-drive bias, this is a surprisingly nimble and rewarding car to drive at (F) pace.

Cheers, to a real British sales success from a car manufactured and designed on our shores. 

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