posted 1 year ago

The Jeep Grand Cherokee That Climbs Over Traffic

Verizon come up with an outrageous way of never being late...

We all hate traffic, don’t we? It makes us late, it makes us tired, it makes us bored, it makes us agitated and (worst of all) it makes us wonder why we didn’t get the train or cycle to work. 

Luckily, American phone provider Verizon have noticed just how infuriating waiting around in traffic can be and they’ve created the ‘Hum Rider.’ While it may sound like a cheesy action film that went straight to DVD, the Hum Rider is actually a Jeep Grand Cherokee with some slight modifications - and by ‘some slight’ we mean ‘absolutely loads of’.

Using a series of complex hydraulics and suspension components, the Grand Cherokee will widen its tracks and elevate its body well above the height of your average hatchback. 


Then, using a sequence of cameras, you can carefully navigate your ultra-high riding Jeep over and around stationary traffic, being careful not to clip any wing mirrors while praying none of the unsuspecting motorists below decides to open their doors.

Of course, if you hadn’t guessed by now, this is all a marketing ploy and the Hum Rider will not actually ever be going on sale. This is a stunt from Verizon to promote their new app.

The app is called Hum and it offers a service which reads diagnostics from your car and sends them to your phone - not quite as groundbreaking as the product in the advert, if we’re honest...