posted 7 years ago

The Kia Venga from £10,595

The Kia Venga is currently available from just £10,595

The Kia Venga is currently available from just £10,595. The Kia Venga is roomy inside and the touches designed to make it versatile work reasonably well. The cabin is stylish and safety equipment is comprehensive. The safety equipment on the Kia Venga runs to an ABS braking system with disc brakes on all four wheels, six airbags and active front head restraints. ESC stability control is standard on some models and optional elsewhere. Another handy option is a reversing camera which sends images from behind the car to a 3.5" LCD display on the dash.

There are a range of engines offered the the 1.4 petrol averages more than 45mpg, while the diesel version does better at 62mpg.

The interior of the Kia Venga looks classy and smart and has lots of space for a supermini-sized car, thanks to the tall body and relatively big boot. The sliding rear seats also mean you can alter the bias between the two. The rear seats drop down flat when you want extra cargo space and a removable boot floor can be shifted upwards to give a level load area. It all works reasonably well.