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The MINI in numbers – how BMW’s baby became a bumper global success story

A motoring and cultural icon since the original Issigonis-designed Mini careered into our consciousness way back in 1959, MINI today is still one of the world’s most popular cars after its relaunch, under the stewardship of the BMW Group, 13 years ago.

3 million MINIs have been built since production started in Oxford in 2001.

5,200 miles is the approximate length of the first journey the 2-millionth export MINI is taking after leaving Plant Oxford, to make its way across the ocean to its new owner in Japan.

7 versions of the MINI are now available – the 3-door Hatch, the 5-door Hatch, the Coupe, the Roadster, the Convertible, the Paceman and the Countryman.


110 markets across every continent love the British brand.  The USA is the biggest MINI market, followed by UK, Germany, China and France and the combined value of exports from the UK is approaching £30 billion.

£750 million will have been invested by BMW, between 2012 and 2015, in its production plants, taking investment in UK production to £1.75 billion since 2000.

3 state-of-the-art plants in the UK play a part in MINI production.  Plant Swindon is where body panels and some assemblies are made.  Plant Hams Hall, near Birmingham, produces petrol engines and Plant Oxford is the beating heart of MINI, where all the parts are brought together and the finished cars roll-off the production line.

200 checks are carried-out during assembly to ensure the correct parts are fitted and that quality is as high as possible.

3,600 components make-up a new MINI Hatch, and there are 435 separate panels in the bodyshell.


1,000 shiny new robots apply between 4,000 and 6,000 spot welds to create a MINI bodyshell, making shell production almost completely automated.  Sometimes, up to 8 robots work on 1 body simultaneously, on 3 different levels.

15,000,000,000,000 (15 trillion) is the number of different colour and trim combinations that gives MINI its unique character and style. Individual customers can choose between 16 different body colours, 5 contrast roof colours, 300 different interior trim options and 300 different exterior options.

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