posted 5 years ago

The new Audi TT ultra Quattro concept

Incredibly ‘lean’ and powerful: Audi TT ultra Quattro concept

The new Audi TT ultra Quattro concept could lead to a small production run due to the increased power and a weight loss of approximately 300kg. The TT ultra Quattro concept is, as its name suggests, essentially a study developed for an annual gathering of Audi enthusiasts in Wörthersee, Germany, but it now demonstrates how an intelligent mix of materials can bring about considerable weight savings even in existing series-production models. Results have given the TT a 4.2-second 0-62mph sprint time and a top speed of over 170mph.

The ‘ultra’ concept cuts weight in almost every area, the engine is 25kg lighter, thanks to modifications to the crankcase, balancer shafts and bolts, while steel suspension springs have been replaced by fiberglass-reinforced polymer coils weighing 40 per cent less. The body structure sheds a further 43kg thanks to the use of carbon-fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) in the centre tunnel, B-pillars and roof, plus magnesium components in the floor and hinge reinforcements. Carbon ceramic brake discs, aluminium calipers and a titanium exhaust also do their bit, while CFRP wheels with aluminium spokes weigh 20kg less than standard alloys. A smaller lithium-ion starter battery, weighing just 4kg, is fixed underneath the driver’s seat, while fiberglass seats taken from the R8 GT slash a further 22kg. Conventional wing mirrors are replaced by rear-facing cameras and interior screens.

Impressive standard equipment

The concept car is painted in the special colour crystal white, which is complemented by CFRP elements in the roof, the flanks and the tailgate. In the interior the same material also adorns the door trim, the centre console and the cross-bracing that replaces the rear seat bench. Equipment is impressive including air conditioning, electric window controls and an electromechanical parking brake, there are even innovations such as compact cameras in the doors which replace the exterior mirrors and transfer images directly into the digital cockpit. Wolfgang Durheimer Audi’s new head of technical development reportedly said last year “a car in the TT segment weighing 1,000kg would be a very interesting proposition. It would be a derivative of the TT and the challenge is to make it a Quattro too, that’s what I’ve asked my engineers.” Clearly, this new concept is the result of that request and it could be the perfect send-off for the current-generation TT, before an all-new version arrives in 2014.