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The Tax Disc - Should the Government Bring it Back?

Tell Us Whether You Think the Government Should Bring Back the Tax Disc

On October 1st 2014, the government abolished the tax disc, an iconic, yet unloved part of British motoring history.

Displayed in the bottom left hand corner of every vehicle, the tax disc reassured passers-by and police, that the vehicle's owner had paid their fair share for the emissions their vehicle produced.

Majority Pay on Time

One year on, the paper tax disc is no longer needed and ‘taxing’ your car was supposed to be easier. But is it?

When the government announced the changes back in 2013, the DVLA stated that “the vast majority of motorists pay their vehicle tax with latest figures confirming that over 99% of motorists’ tax their vehicles on time”.

However, recently surveyed 30,000 motorists and found that 4% had untaxed vehicles. Across the UK this equates to over 1 million vehicles, up from around 250,000 vehicles the DVLA had stated in 2013. 

One million motorists driving without valid ‘car tax’

Cost Cutting

Removing the tax disc was, as the DVLA stated, ultimately part of a cost cutting exercise “to reduce tax administration costs and burdens associated with vehicle tax”.

The DVLA also added that “the ongoing savings to the DVLA will be around £7 million per annum from no longer producing, issuing and posting the tax disc”.

However found that, on average, ‘car tax’ or VED costs the every-day motorist £170 per year. With this in mind, the government is potentially losing out on around £170m of revenue per year - far more than the saving accrued from the tax disc abolishment.

Dramatic Findings

In an additional survey (here), asked users whether they knew when their ‘car tax’ is due and so far the results show dramatic figures. 

Despite the fact that when you buy a used vehicle, the VED will no longer be transferred and the vehicle must be taxed immediately, 30% of those surveyed, still have no idea when their tax is due.

In September, conducted research and found that 1.5 million motorists are driving around without a valid MOT and with new findings showing a further 1 million motorists are currently tax-less; this begs the question, just how many drivers are currently uninsured on our roads?

With this in mind, should the government bring back the tax disc? Vote below and tell us why in the comment section...

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