posted 10 months ago

The UK's Best Selling Car Has Just Become Even Trendier…

Ford introduce the high-spec Trend model to the Ford Fiesta lineup

If you’re in the market for a small hatchback that can seat yourself and 4 passengers for suburban driving while also being cheap to buy, insure and run, then the Fiesta was already pretty high up your list, wasn’t it? We can safely make this assumption based on the fact that the Fiesta is incomparably popular and it has been this way for over a decade.

The latest generation of the Fiesta is forecasted to sell 100,000 models in the UK each year and affordability is a huge selling point for small hatch, so Ford is introducing the new entry-level Trend model to the lineup, which certainly looks to spruce up the budget-friendly end of the Fiesta spectrum.

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So, what is included?

Well, you would expect the entry-level model of a hatchback of this size to come with steel wheels coated in some tacky plastic wheel-trims, wouldn’t you? Not with the Fiesta. The new Trend model comes loaded with 16” alloy wheels (available in silver or black) at no extra cost, which really sets the appearance of the Fiesta apart from the rest.

Ford is also ditching the Zetec entry-level model while introducing the Trend spec, and while standard paint was all that you could expect on the Zetec specifications, Ford is happy to provide metallic paintwork on the Trend models at no extra cost… very generous. Tinted windows are thrown in free of charge too.

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Of course, it’s all well and good making the exterior look the business, the interior is where owners will be spending their time and Ford haven’t cut any costs there either. The Fiesta Trend comes loaded with Fords new Hi-tech SYNC infotainment technology. This includes a big colourful 8-inch touchscreen centrally mounted in the dashboard and, inside this, buyers will have access to Android Auto and Apple Car Play. This level of standard specification doesn’t really exist elsewhere on the market.

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Other standard technology features include Lane-Keeping technology which will alert the driver if the car starts to veer out of its lane, automatic headlights and speed limiting. One last feature worth mentioning is the ‘MyKey’ technology. This is great for parents who wish to let their young ones borrow the car occasionally. With MyKey technology, you can limit the top speed, maximum audio volume, rate of acceleration and much more when the car is being driven by the secondary ‘MyKey’ in the ignition. How clever is that?

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So, how much will the Fiesta Trend cost?

Well as we’ve mentioned that although the Trend model is particularly well equipped, it is the bottom tier of the expansive Fiesta range, so prices are pretty agreeable. The Trend is on sale now and prices start from £15,995 on the road. Alternatively, Ford offer 4 year PCP deals through Ford Options.

Like what you see? Arrange your test drive in the new Ford Fiesta Trend model and we’re confident you will not be disappointed.