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The world’s hairiest car and other weird records

Biggest and best from the motoring world

World’s hairiest car

Italian Maria Lucia Mugno originally won the title for world’s hairiest car in 2010, but since then has added a further 20k of extra hair to her Fiat to set a new record.

It took her 150 hours to complete, but that time wasn’t wasted as the car is now reportedly worth an amazing £60,000.

(Photo : Facebook/Maria Lucia Mugno)

World’s tightest Parallel Park

Parallel parking is something which most drivers hate with a passion. But a German driver has manages to slide his Mini into a space only 5.91 inches longer than the car itself. It’s impressive to see him get it in the spot, but we’d love to see him try and get out of that now.

World’s largest car park

One of the most annoying things about driving is trying to find a parking spot. But if you visited the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, you’d hope not to have that problem as their car park has a staggering 20,000 spaces, with an overflow space for a further 10,000 vehicles. The only problem you’d have here is trying to find your car afterwards.

Most Consecutive Donuts

The most consecutive donuts (spins) in a car in one go was an amazing 283. UK driver Jamie Morrow achieved this record whist driving a Westfield Sport 1600 at Silverstone.

World’s Highest Car Mileage [Volvo P-1800]

When your car begins to get a few too many miles on the clock, most people get rid. But not Irvin Gordon from East Patchogue, New York, who managed to rack up a staggering 2,850,000 miles between 1966 and 2010 in his Volvo P-1800s which works out at roughly 177 miles per day.

Most cars washed in 8 hours (multiple venues) 

The record for most cars washed in 8 hours was created by Repco Australia and New Zealand, who washed a combined total of 6,277 cars at their 89 stores across the two countries, which equates to around 70 cars per store.

facebook photo

Longest line of toy cars

Earlier this year the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire created the longest line of toy cars. It consisted of 24,189 cars and measured around 2 km (just over1.2 miles.)

Most Cars Pulled by an individual

Most people would struggle to pull one car, let alone 13. On August 20th this year Zsolt Sinka from Hungary set the record by pulling 13 various models of Ford cars 5 metres in just 38.144 seconds. The cars weighed a total of 17,748kg (39,127.64 lb).