posted 11 years ago

Thieves take advantage as clocks go back

Dark nights draw in opportunistic thieves

Tracker, provider of stolen vehicle recovery systems which help to recover an average £2m worth of stolen cars every month have issued a warning to motorists to be more vigilant now the clocks have gone back. These extra hours of darkness give thieves more time to be unseen when breaking into vehicles.

Motorists should think before leaving vehicles on unlit streets and car parks, be sure to take all valuables with you including radio and sat nav. Hub caps are another target for thieves, in the dark it’s easy not to be seen, something so simple to remove is another price to pay when it has to be replaced.

Winter frosty mornings are another time that thieves are known to target according to Tracker. Owners are caught out when leaving the car running to defrost windscreens, jumping out to a post box or even leaving the keys in the ignition when refuelling the car.