posted 7 years ago

Tips For Driving While Pregnant

IAM Drive and Survive is offering mothers-to-be tips for driving while pregnant.

IAM Drive and Survive is offering mothers-to-be tips for driving while pregnant. These are:

- Protect your baby and belt up – your seat belt is the only thing stopping you from flying forward and hitting your abdomen on the steering wheel. Wear the lap strap below your bump, as low as possible, from hip-bone to hip-bone. Keep the diagonal strap between your breasts, moving the strap around the side of your bump.

You can move the seat back, as long as you adjust your mirrors accordingly and can reach the brake, accelerator and clutch. You can buy after-market pedal extenders for this purpose. Being an extra three inches away from the steering wheel makes a lot of difference in an accident. ñ If your employer doesn’t offer to do so, ask them to carry out a full risk assessment for your driving activity.

Make your contacts/customers aware of your pregnancy. Most people are tolerant and this will enable you to take the necessary extra care and time when you need it.

Plan for breaks on journeys (long and short) - check where you can do so safely in advance. Cramps in your legs are more likely when stuck in heavy traffic, so plan your journeys to avoid this or make sure you can take a break.

Don’t drive if you know that your condition means you cannot control your vehicle effectively. You must be in control of your vehicle to drive legally.

Drive & Survive Staff Examiner, Amanda Smith, said: “A lot of women don’t like the way belts feel but wearing a seatbelt while pregnant will not harm your baby, so buckle up before making your journey.”