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Top 10 Most Profitable Speed Cameras Fine Drivers £3.2 Million

UK's most active safety cameras revealed, their total fines and figures that prove speeding causes fatal collisions

Lincolnshire camera catches thousands of speeders

The Top 10 proactive safety cameras fined inpatient, heavy-footed, motorists £3.2 million for risking lives by breaking the speed limit throughout 2015 in The United Kingdom, a Carole Nash Motorbike Insurance Brokers' Freedom of Information Request proved.

A Lincolnshire safety camera – positioned on the A1, northbound, close to Great Ponton – caught more offenders than any of its counterparts. It pictured 6,064 motorists flout the rules for a thrill, to save a few seconds, or because they failed to monitor their speedometers. That equated to 17 drivers per-day; on average. 

Assuming every motorist paid the £100 fine rather than challenging or ignoring it, the total raised was £606,400. The perpetrators received penalty points, too. The camera has now been replaced with a series of counterparts which monitor average speed over distance.

The M180, west of the River Trent, Scunthorpe, was the site where the second highest number of offenders faced the consequence of their actions. Throughout 2015, 5,835 motorists fell foul which equated to 16 per-day (on average). The combined fine was £583,500.

The Top 10 included multiple sites on the M25, London. Between Junction 17 and 18 a safety camera witnessed 5,385 motorists speeding which equated to 15 per-day (on average). The fines totalled £538,500. Others faced justice between 17 and 18 on the opposite carriageway, and from Junction 5 to Clacket Lane Services.

Top 10 most active safety cameras

  • A1, Great Ponton North Bound, Lincolnshire (£606,400)
  • M180, West of River Trent, Scunthorpe (£583,500)
  • M25, London Junction 17 to 18, Rickmansworth (£538,500)
  • M25, London Junction 5 to Clacket Lane Services (£373,300)
  • A12, Stratford St Mary Southbound (£305,400)
  • M25, London Junction 18 to 17, Rickmansworth (£255,400)
  • A22, Eastbourne Road, Halland (£167,100)
  • A3, Esher Bypass, Hook (£149,700)
  • A14, Bythorn, Cambridgeshire (£121,200)
  • A34, Milton, Southbound (£63,600)

Speeding kills, says broker

Head of Marketing at CN, Rebecca Donohue, suggested that even though cameras raise large sums of money their primary purpose is to improve road safety. “It’s really important to remember that such cameras are put in place to reduce accidents and save lives”, she argued. That is much “more important than any amount of money”.

The Motorbike Insurance Broker explained that speed is among the primary causes of fatal collisions. In 2013, 3,064 people were killed or seriously injured in crashes where speed played a part, it claimed. It added that the risk of death is approximately 4 times higher when a pedestrian is struck at 40 mph, than at 30 mph.