posted 6 years ago

Top 10 Most Stolen Items From Vehicles

The British Crime Survey has revealed, by category, the top ten items stolen from vehicles.

The British Crime Survey has revealed, by category, the top ten items stolen from vehicles. The most commonly targeted in England and Wales is 'Exterior Fittings', according to this Home Office Victim Study. This includes items such as windscreen wiper blades, badges, and trim. As such, the estimated figure for 2010/11 suggests this category was favoured during 41% of break-ins. This represents a 5% increase compared to the confirmed figures of 2007/08 - the first comparable period. That brings us to position two... 'Valuables'. This includes items such as jewellery, cash, and clothing as targeted by 15% of villains in 2010/11. That is consistent with 2007/08. However, the figure for 'Electrical Equipment' - which finishes third and includes computers/sat-navs - increased by 1%, from 12% to 13%.

The 'Car Radio' category sits in position four. The percentage of crime relating to this halved, to 8%, between 2007/08 and 2010/11. Why? Because new stereos tend to be fully integrated and therefore of limited value on the black market. However, crime relating to 'Other Vehicle Parts' increased from 6% to 8%. That places it fifth overall. The 'Tools' category sits in position six, at 6%, which is consistent with 2007/08. However, the 'CD/ Tape/Video/DVD' category has been targeted less in recent years, falling from 9% to 5%. That places it seventh, which indicates that the online world is overtaking traditional media. The 'Glasses/Sunglasses/Spectacles' category finishes in position eight, with an increase from 2% to 3%. 'Mobile Phones' were targeted during 3% of motor break-ins in 2010/11; 1% less than 2007/08. Position ten is 'Wheels' at 2%, rather than its previous 1%.

Fortunately, motorists can minimise the risk of becoming victims. Step one is to park in properly lit areas monitored by CCTV. Step two is to hide everything from view - even small items of limited value. This is tedious but worthwhile. Step three... cross your fingers.

1.Exterior fittingsIncluded wiper blades / badges / trim
2.ValuablesJewellery / cash / handbags / briefcase / purse / wallet / Cheque book /credit cards / clothing
3. Electrical Equipment Sat nav /tv / mp3 / pc / computer equipment
4. Car Radio
5. Other vehicle parts Dashboard / Seats / Steering wheel / parcel shelf
6. Tools
7. Entertainment CD / tapes / video tapes / DVDs
8. Glasses/sunglasses
9. Mobile phones
10. Wheels