posted 7 years ago

Top European Driving Destinations

Puzzle for you. What are the top European driving destinations?

Puzzle for you. What are the top European driving destinations? This question is somewhat subjective as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, cruising through Europe's capital cities sounds like a fun way to burn fuel. Paris is a three-hour drive from Calais, which is assessable via Dover. Here motorists can see the world famous Eiffel Tower, which is constructed from 18,038 pieces of puddled iron. 2.5 million rivets hold this icon together.

Belgium's capital also has its charms. This is 314km from Paris so the journey takes three and a half hours. Longer if you walk. Brussels has evolved from a tenth-century fortress town to the centre of European politics. It is famous for its Manneken Pis, which is perceived as a symbol of French and Dutch cohabitation. This 'baby' inspired statue is an odd sight, particularly as replicas can be seen in every form from chocolate to cork screws.

How about visiting Italy's capital? Rome is 1,500km from Brussels so the drive takes fifteen hours. Longer if you cycle. This magnificent city's history spans 2,500 years so there is plenty to explore. The Colosseum, for starters. This 50,000 seat amphitheatre is the largest ever built in the Roman Empire. Work began in 72AD and finished in 80AD. Presumably, like often happens today, the builders were late and massively over budget. Happy travels.